October 17, 2007


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Hello Web Land.

This is getting a little ridiculous. Every single event has struggled to get decent surf this year. Not that you should feel sorry for us but I’m sure everyone can relate to enjoying a quality surf in good waves. Well let’s just
say that has been really rare for us this year.

Europe is always a really incredible experience but it is extremely tidal which means that it’s only really good at just the right tide. There were a few heats in France that had incredible waves. On the flip side I did get two free-surfs away from the contest area that were way more fun than anything else I have had all year on tour.

I’m back at home in Hawaii now and enjoying time with my family before heading to Brazil. Packed up the kids and headed down to Ali’i beach yesterday for the 31st annual Menehune contest at Haleiwa. It was such a treat to see all the kids having fun and absolutely ripping the waves apart. It was perfect size for them. 2-3ft.

I was blown-away by the level of surfing. The next generation of surfers coming out of Hawaii is mind-boggling. I will go out on a limb and say that by 2016 there will be at least 12 Hawaiians on the men’s WCT tour and at least five on the women’s WCT tour.

The best thing about the Menehune event is the emphasis on having fun. I hope wherever you are you’re having fun!




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