October 14, 2008


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Mundaka came back to life during the Billabong Pro event. © Joli

What’s going on? Without fail — for like three years in a row – Mundaka ends and the waves pump for a week …

Me, Benny, Dion and Yadin surfed our brains out for the last few days. Good thing is after a month in France you have a semi handle on the bars’ direction, size, and what not, to make a somewhat educated decision and try to nail the windows.

France: Had a blast, I love that place! © Joli

We did a pretty good job except for one of the days when I swear we checked every spot between Zarautz and Bordeaux.

Me and Benny got a flight to Portugal for the World Games on Sunday where we competed today in (no lie) really fun and super-rippable waves — tripping.

And now Portugal: checking the waves and scene around Lisbon. © Gago

Looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us, the Aussies, Tahitians, Brasilians and South Africans are blowing up.

Should be fun.



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