March 17, 2009


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Having a ball with the groms at D-Bah a couple of weeks back for the WPS Surf With The Stars day. © Shield

Well, first event is down and it was a real test this year; not just simply surfing Snapper – we started at D’bah, then Snapper, then ended up at big groyne Kirra.

I love the first event ’cause everyone is so hungry. Everything was running really smoothly until Parko beat me in the semi. It was a really cool heat though he had me comboed; then I came back, comboed him; then he came back again with a ten and a high nine.


The Kirra eagle watching over the contest. © Joli

It had been a long time since Joel has had a win so I was stoked for him. On other things, my new website should be up any day now. It looks really cool so I hope people like it.

Now I’m on my way to Ayers Rock for my first anniversary with Karissa. Pretty excited. It was classic too ’cause we saw Anthony Mundine in Alice Springs. He was on a youth program trip.


Will be great to see the Occ in Indo. © Joli

After this, I am off to Indo for ASL’s 250th issue trip with Occy, Bede, Steph, and Ozzie. Should be classic. Anyway got to go ’cause plane is boarding for the big rock.




February 2, 2009


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Rocky Rights at the end of last year. © Joli

This year is definitely flying by. January has come and gone, but already some good stuff has gone down. I just finished a solid three-day training camp up at my trainer’s spot in Ballito (north of Durban).

A good mix of boxing/ yoga/ swimming/ gym etc, to get ready for the opener later this month. He’s got me on a really great program for the year, I’m feeling strong and fit and super amped and just really stoked I have such a passionate guy helping me with my campaign for 2009! Check out his website at


From the recent training camp. My trainer is the one in the middle and the guy holding the punching pads is Andre, a boxing instructor and former Sharks rugby player. ©

I’ve been getting some amazing boards off Elton Fursman so far this year, he’s been a real trooper over the years with all the time and effort he’s put into my career. I owe him big time. We’ve made some slight adjustments to my last year’s specs and the results are feeling great. One really good thing about Elton as a shaper is that if you ask him to do something, he does it. I’ve asked a few shapers over the years to do certain things to boards and you get something else, but he really puts a lot into each of his shapes and the boards speak for themselves.

Another person who’s really been helping me and I couldn’t have achieved half the things I’ve achieved or got to where I’m at right now is my wife Jayde. She’s been such a solid rock in everything I do, been behind me 100% of the way and I really do take my hat off to her for all that she does for me.

Less than three weeks til I’m off to the Goldy … the countdown begins!


One of the best things about surfing a contest at Coolangatta is there will only be a couple of guys in the water at any one time. © Joli

– Davey

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