November 24, 2009


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Some random shots from the phone.

Greg and me at the LA Lakers game the other day, fuck these guys are big.


Chillin’ by the pool in San Diego for the weekend. Was back to the physio soon after.

My dog ‘Pingo’ is letting everyone know what he thinks about the dog restrictions on the beach.

Was trying out a new 6’1 Semente at Peniche, it felt good but it only lasted for three waves in the 6 feet offshore waves. Booo.

Portugal; tender juicy steak with a nice cold Sagres for dinner.

Whoop! All good in Peniche. There was still time for a little game of golf with Q-Ball and Pipo!


August 19, 2009


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These are my latest sticks I just picked up in France. They are all pretty much the same, 6 0 x 18 1/4 x 2 5/16 shaped by Mark Phipps. I’m trying to find the magic one before the next WCT at Trestles.

– Mushy


{By the way, me and Adam Robbo have a new site,, Check it out.} © Joli

July 27, 2009


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Restaurant on a motorbike. Anyone feel like rolling the lunch dice at a roadside cholera cart? Could be double sixes, could be snake eyes. © Shield

Hey guys,

Have been on a mission lately!!!  Feels like I’ve been around the world 20 times and all in three weeks. Love it!!

First up was the Brazil WT, waves were pretty fun and ended up with 9th place; lost a close heat to CJ. Had fun though, all the boyz went mad for a night, was sick!!!


Brazil, Africa, Australia, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Australia, Costa Rica … it’s been a good blur. © Shield

Then packed bags to SA …  J-Bay was flat at first but then turned on for the last three days. Was feelin’ good and surfed well but was beaten by SA  superwild card Sean Holmes!!  I fell in a couple of crucial tubes on the end section, which cost me, plus Sean surfed real well. I got a 9th there.

Just got back from Bali yesterday. How good is that joint!?! Went to Scar Reef  to catch a swell;  plane to Lombok,  car ride to ferry, ferry ride to car, then to camp.

Fun 4-6′ waves, surfed for three days, and now here I am at home in Port Macquarie. Off to Costa Rica, Wednesday, for World ISA Games. Keep u cats posted!!!

– camballs


Making sure the local neighbourhood rice paddies are in top shape. © Shield

May 1, 2009

Tahiti Warm Up

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Chopes. © Joli

Hey, I’m just sitting here reflecting on what’s happened this past week. At home I got pumping waves with a few of my mates, then I saw it was going to go flat. So I looked online and checked if there was any swell heading for Tahiti because the next event on the World Tour is there. Sure enough there was. So I got straight onto my travel agent and booked the flights.

The first day was 3 to 4′ and just a good warm up day then it gradually got bigger and up to 8 to 10′. There was a handful of Hawaiians and some Aussies out there as well. Just guys who really love surfing waves like Teauhupoo and Pipe. It was good to surf with them all and check out how each rode the wave differently.

I’ve had pretty poor results in Tahiti with the exception of 2007 and I think I know why; each time I come I feel as though I need to learn the wave again but with the top 45 guys hassling with a few leftover trialists and the local Tahitian rippers it’s not that easy to get a wave. Especially because if there is waves everyone is trying to get the best one or the event is on. So I decided if I get the chance to come early then I would. I find it really helps my confidence. And this time I am going home feeling really familiar with the break and comfortable.

So I’m home for a week to get the body back in to prime condition before coming back to try and get myself another result here at one of the scariest waves on earth.

In the meantime, hit this link to my personal site to see the three guys I have listed as major threats in the event and why.

– MF

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