April 22, 2010


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Trundling at Duranbah the day before the flight to Floripa. ©   Shield

From what I’ve seen from the first two events, if this year’s world title isn’t the most competitive ever I’ll be massively surprised. The Gold Coast and Bells events have been super competitive. I think everybody expected a hot start but nobody probably thought each contest would set the performance bar so high and that virtually every key heat would be so exciting and capable of going either way.

Taj and Kelly have laid down the markers with well-deserved wins but I think even they would admit this is definitely shaping as the most competitive year ever for the world title race. I reckon there are a good 10 guys in with a solid chance this year and that’s why every heat has been so exciting to watch.

The only bummer at Bells was that we were pretty unlucky with conditions. I guess we can’t complain because we have had some epic conditions over Easter in the past but this year the swell gods weren’t as kind. It didn’t get above 3′ the whole competition and under the circumstances I thought Damien Hardman did a great job on calling the shots through the contest.

Dooma pretty much had no swell to work with and definitely made the most of what was about. There were rumours at one stage that we were heading for Phillip Island and Johanna early in the event but we managed to get a few rounds in at Winki and Bells and, for the first time ever, a round at Thirteenth Beach.

My Staffie’s been loving all the rain in Queensland.

With the small conditions, I had an expectation that the event might quickly turn into an aerial contest. That’s pretty much what happened — which was a bit daunting when you looked at how good some of the new guys on tour are when it comes to airs. My early heat with Stuart Kennedy was a good example. I knew he was going to be doing airs so it was pretty much became an air show between him and I. It was so tight. I managed a snap on one wave just before I did an air and I think that was the difference between us.

It was much the same in the next round in super fun waves at Winkipop where I drew Tanner Gudanskas. Tanner has been ripping this year but because of his low seed, he’s had tough heats in the early rounds. I knew he would give me a run for my money and again it came right down to the wire but I just got the win over him. But while it was interesting that there were d aerial attacks coming at the judges in just about every heat, it was still the guys from last year’s top 10 who claimed the quarterfinals berths. As one observer said to me, the cream always rises to the top.

Johanna looked really fun for finals’ day but it was actually difficult to surf. There was a lot of bump on the face and it was really tricky to pick the ones that would wall up through the inside. But with only one day left of the waiting period, the organisers had to go with what we had.

My win over Luke Steadman gave me more confidence for the quarter final against Kelly. I felt good going into the last eight. Unlike some of the other guys, I don’t get daunted going up against Kelly. I consider it a privilege to surf against him as he always brings out the best in me. I had a great start and was winning the heat until he got a 9.  I needed a 7.5 to take the heat back off him and to be honest I was supremely confident of getting that score as long as I could get the right wave.

Loving the standard sized boards again after a spell on those mega-fun little Mt Woodgee Bullets. © Shield

I had one last chance on my last wave to nail the score. The problem was that a lot of waves were only letting you do one major turn out the back before it would go a bit fat on the inside. So I knew I had to go for a massive air on that first section. I thought I had made that air but just as I landed I fell over the front of my board. I had too much forward momentum and my board wasn’t moving as fast as I hoped for.

I was spewing when I came up because I knew had I made that air I would have got through the heat and into the semis. I guess I was trying to do to Kelly what he did to me in the Bells final two years ago when he paddled up to Rincon and pulled off a contest-winning air in the last minutes.

Kelly certainly surfed amazingly well throughout the content and definitely peaked at the right time in the final. I think he had a really good board that worked in those tough conditions. It’s obvious he’s hungry to get that 10th world title after getting a win early in the season.

We’re all off to Brazil now for the Billabong Santa Catarina Pro. It feels a bit crazy going to Brazil this early in the year. Normally we’re getting ready to go to Tahiti about now. I don’t mind it though. It’s good to get that long flight out of the way early in the year. I really enjoy going to Brazil, though. I’ve had some good results there including winning in 2008 and I like that the crowds are big and full of energy. The Brazilian fans are great to surf in front of.
Talk to you from over there.


– Bede


October 11, 2009


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“Yeah Yeah Yeahs … “


One of my most fav bands in the world, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were playing while the Trestles contest in LA was on and one of my good buddies hooked me up with some tickets.

I had no idea where we were going to be seated and did not care one lil bit. Was just so excited to have the op to get there in the first place. The night just got that much better when we asked the guy who worked at the Greek Theatre where our seats were and he pointed at this booth below. I looked at TB and he had the same expression on his face when he won J bay and that was a few years ago. Have not seen it since then either. Hahahahah, kidding hui.


The Team:
– Me and my girl,
– TB and Steph,
– Johny and Sasha,
That’s Steph trying to fly kick Johny in the face. I think she is looking for a Bra Boys tatt or a postcode or some sort of cred from him. Maybe she is just over him being the 3rd wheel …



The Greek Theatre was the best venue I have ever been to. Did not matter where you sat, you had good vision of the band and could enjoy the atmosphere that this place had to offer. It’s fully outdoor which is great. The only thing I could ask for more is volume. I like it when I feel the music rattle my bones. So that’s why straight after the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, me and my lady drove across LA to the Viper Room and watched The Goons play really, really, really loud … Nothing better than seeing your boys play rock and roll, well, loud, loud noise.


Ozzzzzzzzzz, Blakey, Tim and Cow are The Goons.

We also went to Disneyland the next day at 8:30am. Real smart move. The girls were hurting and so was I and that’s why I’m not in any of these shots.

– LS

August 25, 2009


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Somewhere on the Nusa Tenggara peninsula. © Check some video from the trip on my personal site

It’s a two-hour drive from Deserts back to the airport. The swell had passed and we needed a ride. We jumped in with a couple of our friends and started driving. Everyone who’s been to Indonesia knows that local drivers are crazy and the rules of the road are, there are no rules.

Our driver, let’s call him “John”, was doing a great job until we found ourselves suddenly heading down the wrong way of a one way street. Quickly realizing what he’d done, John pulled to the side and began turning around.

Moments later I hear a bang on the hood and sure enough it was the cops. It all happened so fast that I wasn’t sure what was going on. Andrew was yelling, “Fuck this guy, let’s go. Go. Go”. Our other buddy, lets call him “Alex”, was saying the same. So, John stepped on the gas and bailed.

Laughing hysterically we thought we were home free, the cop was on foot and unless he was the terminator there was no way he was catching up with us. Or so we thought.

Turns out his partner was across the street sitting on his scooter watching the whole thing. We still had a chance to get away if we had pulled down a few side streets or didn’t have the only car on the road with four board bags strapped to the roof. Being the terrible getaway artists we are we ended up getting pulled over about a mile and a half from the scene of the crime.

Surprisingly the cop wasn’t that pissed, I guess that shit happens everyday. We told him we’re stupid foreigners and did what any other stupid foreigner would do in this situation, offer the man some cold hard cash.

But, he wouldn’t take it, just told us to follow him to see his superior officer. That’s when shit stopped being funny, what the fuck did we get ourselves into.


Smokies. © Dion

Things got quiet in the car as we followed the scooter cop, then Alex says “Shit, I got some weed in my bag”. At first it was funny, like holy shit could things get any worse, we’re going to jail. Then Alex was all bummed because good weed is hard to come by in Indo, but we all knew tossing it was the right thing to do. With the cop in front of us constantly looking in his rear view mirror, it was difficult to just toss it out the window. With a frown on his face Alex managed to get rid of it without the cop seeing. May that lost bag of weed be found by someone who really appreciates it, amen.

We get to a little police hangout where two officers are waiting and are told to stay in the car while John goes and talks to his superior. Meanwhile, our Indonesian hook-up is on his way to bail our asses out. He gets there and within 5 minutes John’s back in the car and we’re on our way to the airport. Our hearts and emotions are still racing so we unload the car and head for the nearest bar. We even find a tall blond hottie who wants to join us for drinks, even offers to buy the first round. You gotta love Indo, never a dull moment.

– Freddy P

August 17, 2009


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Free entry, prizes, the spirit of competition … plus the chance to have your name up in lights when the WPS site screens up the results.

Saturday, we ran the grom contest …

The waves were small but the kids were small too and the turnout was great! Fifty-six kids ended up showing up at 10th Street in St. Augustine and I had a great time watching the next generation of rippers!

Congrats to all the winners and thank you to all the sponsors; Matix, DVS, Electric, Surf Station, Body Glove, Bullys, G-Shock and Headhunter for giving great prizes!

Here are the final results:

Boys 13-15; 1st Dylan Martini, 2nd Jon Heater, 3rd Cannon Embry, 4th Griffin Coughlin, 5th Casey Priest, 6th Ryan Bromberg.

Menehune 10-12; 1st Patrick Conklin, 2nd Tatum Renfrew, 3rd Si Greamstead, 4th Eric Westbrook, 5th Elena Sporrans, 6th Chase Stevens.

Mini-Groms 9-&-Under: 1st Shawn Arthur, 2nd Samantha Embryo, 3rd Brandon Bryant, 4th Blake Steven, 5th Chase Westbrook, 6th Angel Rodriguez.

A really fun weekend and a bigger turnout than expected, the 9-&-Under division was one to watch, with over 30 groms showing up and the competition was fierce!

Thanks to everyone who helped: Burgess with the ESA, Richie and all the judges for doing a great job! I cant wait for the 2nd annual!

– Gabe


Hanging with little buddy Mason. ©

June 8, 2009


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Well, my addiction got the better of me yesterday and I added to my last tattoo: to finish off my half sleeve. It’s now down to just above my elbow. There were definitely times of excruciating pain going down, especially by my armpit, but the end result was worth it.

Got tattooed at Electric Eye Tattoo in Umhlanga Rocks, only about a 5 min drive from my house, and I’ve probably had about 85% of my tatts done there. Most of them by Mully (Malcom Hilton), the owner and world-renowned artist, but this latest one was done by Gavin Rowe.


Mully recently just brought him back from Ireland, where he spent 8 years tattooing around the UK, but now he’s back in SA for good. Both these artists are amazing, I’m still blown away at how well these guys tattoo, the detail and images they come up with is crazy! Just want to send a big shout out to them, thanks for the good (and painful) times and the ink!


Added some pics from yesterday’s latest addition, Mully is the one in the green shirt and Gavin is the one tattooing. Anyone in Durban who wants to get tatted up should head down to their shop .


Until the next one, you can check my personal site at

– Davey

May 15, 2009


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Free-surfing yesterday and psyching Kelly out with a belly flop. © Joli

It seems that tomorrow is going to at last go back to beautiful Teahupoo … The first heat against Dane went well and, now, the big daddy of the circuit (Kelly Slater) …

We must seize this golden opportunity!

Besarkada haundi bat eta Maururu por todos los animos.


– Aritz

May 10, 2009


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Chewing the fat with Kai. © Joli

I’m writing this blog in the plane on the way up to Tahiti and right now I’m getting twitchy in my seat. We’ve heard the waves for the trials at Teahupoo have been fun and I’m frothing at the chance to match wits and nerve against that amazing reef break.

The plane is full of other pros heading up there and there’s a real buzz within this silver budgie, that’s for sure. For me, I’m pumped as I didn’t do as well as I wanted at Bells in the last event. I’m ranked 9th after the Australian leg of the Dream Tour and my mission is to improve on that from now, starting with the Billabong Pro in Tahiti.

Bells at Easter was a bit of a frustrating time for me. The contest was the first to run under the new ASP format of sudden death heats from Day 1 but with the top 16 seeded into the second round.

Unfortunately for me, I had a close heat but went down to Adam Robertson in my opening heat. The waves were really fun for it – about four foot – and we were going score for score the whole heat.

With about 10 minutes to go, I held the lead and priority and ‘Robbo’ needed an 8.1. A smaller set wave came in and I let it go, thinking he wouldn’t get it. But he did, lit the wave up and nailed an 8.4. That left me needing a 7.9 – but no more sets came through. I felt it was one of those heats were it could have gone either way.

Robbo went on to have such an amazing result, finishing second. I knew ahead of the heat that it would be a tough one. Robbo had won the trials and being a local, he has Bells dialled in. Those guys are always dangerous because they have put the time in at that break and know where to sit in the line-up to get the best waves.


There’s been plenty of swell in Queensland. © Joli

The upcoming event at Teahupoo is a classic example of a contest where local knowledge and time in the water make the wildcards and trials winner huge threats to all the top guys.

It was pretty frustrating going out in my first heat at Bells. And, of course, there was no extra round buffer there. I think most surfers weren’t really into the new format, so we might see a lot of the other contest using the old format again.

Of course, in Tahiti it will be a case of trying to catch up to the tearaway ratings leader. This time last year it was Kelly Slater. This year it’s ‘Parko’.

Joel’s early dominance doesn’t surprise me. He’s definitely on a roll and I think his training has a big part to do with that. I know he is putting so much into every part of his preparation. That’s translating to peak performances at the right time – in this case, the first two contests.

Joel has always had so much natural talent. We all regard him as a freak but with all this extra training he is doing it’s showing up big time in his results and he is setting a mean pace!

In terms of Kelly, I think he has just been a bit unlucky in both contests. He struck hot rising Aussie surfers in Julian Wilson and Owen Wright. Both were on fire and definitely grabbed the opportunity to surf against Kelly with both hands.

Kelly was in perfect form last year and sometimes things just don’t go your way. But he will be pretty fired up to do well in Tahiti and he has probably the best record out of anyone there – so expect a strong campaign to turn his year around.

In terms of myself, since Bells I have been training and surfing Queensland. We’ve had some awesome swells this year with some of the best waves in a long time. It’s difficult to prepare for Tahiti because we just don’t get waves

like that in Queensland and most decent barrelling waves are rights.

But I did slip in a couple of quick trips to my old stomping grounds of North Straddie where you can find some nice left hand barrels. My recent trip to Lakey Peak was also good for some practice for backhand barrel riding. We got some really fun barrels and in the few days I was there I was able to fine tune my ‘pigdog’.

Talk soon,


December 22, 2008


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Here’s a photo from the day Emmo and myself requalified!!! ©

The new 2009 ASP World Tour Top 45 Seeds have just been released, and I’ve been seeded at 34th for the tour opener! Last time I made the CT, I finished 13th on the WQS that year and I think I was seeded for the start at 42nd, so it’s a nice jump up and what’s better is I now have less chance of drawing a top 10 surfer from last year.


Good times…was great to have Seth Hulley and Cuan Petersen with us on that day, good solid support crew in the mix and on the beach. ©

On a bit of a break right now, just got myself a new tattoo last week so I’m letting it heal before I get back in the water. Will be heading off to Cape Town the day after Christmas, and when I get back it’s straight into the new training schedule and preparation for the assault on the 2009 WCT!!!!!!


Here is the latest Bilt ad that’ll be in the surf mags coming out now – was a pretty funny shoot, I TKO’d Dooma (Damien Fahrenfort) after this shot was taken. ©

Will post up a pic of my new ink once it’s healed, until then, enjoy the festivities and have fun!

And by the way, you can check out other updates right here –

– Davey

November 17, 2008


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Been a busy little bumble bee of late. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZing all over this globe a couple of times over and over and over of late.

Can’t get enough honey though so I’m BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZing as much as possible.


I got a DJ Falcon next to me then a Ron Blakey and a Cow boy. All kicking it at dusk at this joint called 100 Marches in France. It’s right next to where I stay in Biarritz and it’s the best afternoon bar in the world. I’m serious, nowhere else in the world can beat this place for ambiance, view and cold beer.
DJ Falcon plays in Paris regularly and travels with Daft Punk and is a super keen surfer. So we got to hand wit. Ron was commentating both the France and Spanish events and Cow boy was my personal chef though Europe. Both are my boys. Big time Babe …


This is the view from our crib in Biarritz. It sux huh.


Although Cow Boy has trouble sticking airs in the surf. He landed this thing so sweet. Rode out of it like butter on a fry pan. Thank god though as I was over taking him to hospital.


Da Boys on the bike trip.


I could not get enough of this. Tb and i laughing so hard at this. My boy Otto trying to explain why he was going around a roundabout the wrong way in France. A bee stung him he cries. Idiot … but he got off … so is he a genius?????


Say no more …


Who is dat kook. I have so much fun making fun of myself.


Spent a bit of time in san Sebastian. This was right before we got some crazy grits at one of the many, many Tapas restaurants. Fun little town but if you go make sure it’s after 3pm, otherwise she is shut for business. Also, if you’re going out, don’t go anywhere till after 1am.


MJ took me to Maui for my first time. Such an epic place. Beautiful. This is the only shot I took ’cause I’m a lazy camera man. Can you believe that she also ordered scrambled eggs? FREAK!!!!!!


This is a random night in LA right before France. My good friend Tak and Raymond Pettibon. Raymond is a cool cat who is one of my favorite artists. I got to hang with him so it was really cool. Raymond has done artwork for Black Flag and also designed the logo for the group. He has also worked with Sonic Youth, another of my fav groups. He has his work in Museum of Modern Art in NY, The Museum of Contemporary Art in LA, and a large collection in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

His work….

– Steds

October 16, 2008


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Quick blog,

Got Californicated in LA whilst there … view from hotel says enough … good times.

View from brekky.

Mad biker gang from the Pyrenees in Spain. So fun. We all hired scooters for a day and charged the Tour de France track

So fast it’s blurred.

Watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Ottz

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