July 27, 2009


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Restaurant on a motorbike. Anyone feel like rolling the lunch dice at a roadside cholera cart? Could be double sixes, could be snake eyes. © Shield

Hey guys,

Have been on a mission lately!!!  Feels like I’ve been around the world 20 times and all in three weeks. Love it!!

First up was the Brazil WT, waves were pretty fun and ended up with 9th place; lost a close heat to CJ. Had fun though, all the boyz went mad for a night, was sick!!!


Brazil, Africa, Australia, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Australia, Costa Rica … it’s been a good blur. © Shield

Then packed bags to SA …  J-Bay was flat at first but then turned on for the last three days. Was feelin’ good and surfed well but was beaten by SA  superwild card Sean Holmes!!  I fell in a couple of crucial tubes on the end section, which cost me, plus Sean surfed real well. I got a 9th there.

Just got back from Bali yesterday. How good is that joint!?! Went to Scar Reef  to catch a swell;  plane to Lombok,  car ride to ferry, ferry ride to car, then to camp.

Fun 4-6′ waves, surfed for three days, and now here I am at home in Port Macquarie. Off to Costa Rica, Wednesday, for World ISA Games. Keep u cats posted!!!

– camballs


Making sure the local neighbourhood rice paddies are in top shape. © Shield


December 22, 2008


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Here’s a photo from the day Emmo and myself requalified!!! ©

The new 2009 ASP World Tour Top 45 Seeds have just been released, and I’ve been seeded at 34th for the tour opener! Last time I made the CT, I finished 13th on the WQS that year and I think I was seeded for the start at 42nd, so it’s a nice jump up and what’s better is I now have less chance of drawing a top 10 surfer from last year.


Good times…was great to have Seth Hulley and Cuan Petersen with us on that day, good solid support crew in the mix and on the beach. ©

On a bit of a break right now, just got myself a new tattoo last week so I’m letting it heal before I get back in the water. Will be heading off to Cape Town the day after Christmas, and when I get back it’s straight into the new training schedule and preparation for the assault on the 2009 WCT!!!!!!


Here is the latest Bilt ad that’ll be in the surf mags coming out now – was a pretty funny shoot, I TKO’d Dooma (Damien Fahrenfort) after this shot was taken. ©

Will post up a pic of my new ink once it’s healed, until then, enjoy the festivities and have fun!

And by the way, you can check out other updates right here –

– Davey

October 17, 2007


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Hello Web Land.

This is getting a little ridiculous. Every single event has struggled to get decent surf this year. Not that you should feel sorry for us but I’m sure everyone can relate to enjoying a quality surf in good waves. Well let’s just
say that has been really rare for us this year.

Europe is always a really incredible experience but it is extremely tidal which means that it’s only really good at just the right tide. There were a few heats in France that had incredible waves. On the flip side I did get two free-surfs away from the contest area that were way more fun than anything else I have had all year on tour.

I’m back at home in Hawaii now and enjoying time with my family before heading to Brazil. Packed up the kids and headed down to Ali’i beach yesterday for the 31st annual Menehune contest at Haleiwa. It was such a treat to see all the kids having fun and absolutely ripping the waves apart. It was perfect size for them. 2-3ft.

I was blown-away by the level of surfing. The next generation of surfers coming out of Hawaii is mind-boggling. I will go out on a limb and say that by 2016 there will be at least 12 Hawaiians on the men’s WCT tour and at least five on the women’s WCT tour.

The best thing about the Menehune event is the emphasis on having fun. I hope wherever you are you’re having fun!




 Gallic Goodies

Gallic Goodies © Sarge

I’ve been hanging in France with Dion Agius filming with Kai Neville and trying to get a section going for Taylor Steele’s new movie. Just bolting down to Spain when the comps on as I cant stay down there, it does my head in. You don’t surf enough there and the waves have been fun in France.

Dane Reynolds rocked in the other day and is on the same programme. I’ve seen the waves that Kai already has of Dane and it’s enough to make you want to quit surfing! Kai’s friend Beren has also been filming with Dion for his web episodes that he has on the website that’s been pretty funny as well.
Not too much for words right now but good times have been had.

Peace Ceej

September 27, 2007


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Hope you are getting good surf wherever you are!

The past few weeks has been pretty full on. My family and I went to California for the Trestles WCT event and had a great time. I was blessed to have my family with me and we made the most of our trip by hitting up Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo.

I competed in the WCT event and had a good result but never felt like I surfed to my potential. Surf was pretty small and inconsistent the whole time.

not surprisingly, a different ballgame to Trestles.

Hossegor: not surprisingly, a different ballgame to Trestles.

I am now here on the beautiful South West coast of France in Hossegor. The surf has been really fun since I arrived. There has been two really good days with perfect conditions. The sandbars are very fickle here and the tides really extreme, which means you end up checking the surf about 15 times a day.

France is a great place to visit this time of year. The weather is mild and the water is not too cold yet. It’s not as crowded as the mid-summer vacation madness.

The coffee is strong and the swells are really start to crank up going into
Autumn. If you get a chance to travel I would definitely recommend coming here at least once in your life.

Mahalo for your interest.

Mercie Bocu!


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