February 17, 2009


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Just arrived on the Goldie for a run of swell last weekend. © Joli

Hello everybody!

First blog on and I’m blogging as qualified! I still can’t believe it … I guess I will only properly realise I’m on the WT when I’m going to paddle out for my first heat at Snapper end of February. Can’t wait.

But first things first ’cause some of you might not know me. No, that’s not possible … just kidding. Well, everything came down to Hawaii really and what an emotionally draining trip that was!

Was sitting in 9th before Haleiwa. Then the incredible happened: all the guys right behind me got results, something which never really happened before. Boom, down to 14th place. That was quite a shocker for me and I was really down for a while.


Sunset. Missed one last turn. © Joli

It was now all down to Sunset really, where I had to make two heats to better my points. The waves during the contest at Sunset were huge and I had a tough heat against Hank Gaskell, CJ Hobgood and Dayan Neve. I caught a couple of good waves and getting out of the water, I felt like I did myself proud, but it wasn’t enough.

I missed one last turn on my last wave and I didn’t get the score I needed. CJ Hobgood then went on to win the event but that was it for me really. Boom, down to 16th!


Back in Portugal after finding out I’d made the cut.

Well, there was one slight chance. Because if Tiago would do well at Pipe he’d double qualify and a place would open up for me. Things were out of my hands though. And then came the SMS from Tiago when I was already back home in Portugal: “I’m injured, really sorry, I can’t surf …”

I thought, well, it is not meant to be, but at least I’m the first replacement and I’ll probably surf some events during the year. And then the call from my brother while I was out for a few drinks: “Marlon, you’re in, they just announced it on the webcast during Pipe!” I couldn’t believe it …


Could see the ocean from my bed.

Since then I’ve been hanging in Ericeira, Portugal. I got myself an apartment up here to train with Tiago and to work closely with my shaper Nick from Semente to get my quiver ready. Check out the pad I rented. It’s sick (in the photo you only see the pool house!).


Sick waves at a little beachie not far from where I’ve been training.

Spent some time shooting photos with Carl from Transworld Surf who was down here in Ericeira with Damien “Dom” Wills from Australia. What a crazy guy. Loves to charge. Gony was there for a day as well. I also got a little filming done for a documentary which will air on Fuel TV in the US and in Europe at the end of Feb. Watch this space.


Meanwhile, back in the cobblestones of the Algarve …

Oh, forgot to tell you about a little incident down in Lagos where I live. After a fun night out with my brother and a couple of friends, some idiot looking for trouble punched me in my face and pretty much floored me … Had to get five stitches in the back of my head and was out of the water for over a week with a slight concussion.

Talk soon!

– Marlon


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