December 2, 2009


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Pancho, the man mountain, has been digging deep for others not just on the North Shore, not just in pro surfing. He is one of the most inspirational and selfless people you will meet. Now it’s our chance to give back.

Hi All,

Just want to inform you guys that there is going to be a fundraiser for Kehau Sullivan, the youngest and newest addition to the Pancho Sullivan Family. Kehau was born with heart troubles and has already had an operation to help her keep going. She will need around four operations in her lifetime and as we all know insurance will only cover so much.

We all know Pancho from when he was on tour and being a North Shore standout forever. Pancho did so much to help out whilst he was on tour and has always been willing to lend a helping hand to anyone that has ever needed it. So let’s show our love and support by helping him and his beautiful family.

Myles Padaca and his wife have organised a fundraiser night on the 5th December at Breakers, Haleiwa, 6pm to help Pancho and Haunani with the huge medical costs.

There is a website where you can donate money and there is also going to be an on-line board auction so if you have a spare board feel free to contact Myles and help out with the cause.

Myles’ contact details are and the link to donate money is:

Lets all pitch in and help such a wonderful loving family so they can concentrate on getting little Kehau strong and healthy for a long and amazing life.

Thanks for your time,

– Mick Fanning


November 10, 2009


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With Mushy and Greg at Lagido in Portugal. © Joli

I know it’s been a while since my last post, a bit has happened. Did a two week stint in Portugal for the final leg of our Euro invasion: Supertubes came to life and there were some serious waves on hand. I’m back home now, feels really good to be back with the family in my own bed after two and a half months on the road. But that’s part of the job! I’ve got about three weeks until I head off for Pipe.

So it’s all about getting the right training in now before I jet off, get the lungs ready for some possible beat downs, get the confidence up to push myself just that much more, it’s an El Nino year so there could be some serious swells for this season. They’ve actually already had some serious waves hit the North Shore this winter and November has only just started!

If anything interesting happens while I’m home, will post it on the blog ( Hopefully I can get some waves while I’m home cause I’ve actually had no waves at all this year. Missed all the swells that have hit Durban and when I’ve been on the road for events, we’ve pretty much had bad waves all year round too. So if you know of any good waves around, let me know!

Peace out,



Supertubes shot by Greg Pearson ©


December 18, 2008



A great season on The Rock and plenty of fun ones to sink your teeth into on the small days at Rocky Rights as well. © Joli

If somebody had said to me on January 1 this year that I would finish the year having jumped from No. 5 to No. 2 plus pick up a CT contest win along the way, I’d have gone: “I’ll take that!”

That’s how 2008 has ended for me and I’m stoked with how the year has gone. Would I have wanted to have finished No. 1? Of course! But Kelly just had such an amazing year and was nearly unbeatable. That might have demoralised others on the tour but it didn’t me. Quite the opposite actually.

I learnt heaps from this year, both from watching how Kelly went about
remorselessly hunting down that phenomenal 9th world title, and from my own experiences. I will take that all into next year.

Kelly is an amazing athlete that pro surfing is so fortunate to have. I’ve seen articles comparing him to Roger Federer and Tiger Woods. He’s definitely in their company in terms of what he has achieved and that has helped the credibility of surfing so much — but in 2009 I won’t be out there to lie down for him. I know he wants 10 world titles. My plan is to be in the way. I know it’s a massive task but I’m up for it.

When I reflect on this last year, there are some good memories. Winning in Brazil was obviously the highlight but I actually felt I probably did my best surfing at Trestles at the Boost Mobile Pro. Trestles is just such a high performance wave when it’s on plus I had an amazing board I could do no wrong on.

My best heat was probably against Owen Wright at The Search in Indo. The waves were pumping and we had a really close high scoring heat that went down to my last wave before I shook him off.

I think another key this year has been that I kept my training up all year and didn’t slacken off like I have done in the past. That made for more consistency in my performances. I also changed my backhand tube-riding technique and that worked so much better on some of the barrelling lefts on tour.

I made a few mistakes this year that cost me. I’m not losing any sleep over that because you learn from your errors. A good example was not following Kelly over to Rincon in the Bells final when I held the lead and priority. That ain’t ever going to happen again!

I’m also stepping my training up even more for 2009 and I will also make an additional trip to Tahiti just to put a bit of extra time in there.

All three events copped amazing waves. © Joli

People ask me that now I am No. 2, do I feel like I’ve now permanently shed the underdog status thing. Not entirely, I believe. I still don’t get the media attention like the other guys but there has been a huge difference this past year.

It was good to close off the year with Hawaii having one of its best seasons in a long time. There were so many good days plus we got really good waves for the Triple Crown too. The last day of the event at Haleiwa was pretty insane. Other than the semi-final heat, Parko and I were in when no waves came through at
all (it was really bizarre, it just stopped for 20 minutes), the surf was awesome that final day.

One guy who caught my eye this winter was Dusty Payne. He is such a talented surfer, and he can do it all whether the waves are big or small. He has a massive future in surfing. I felt Adrian Buchan made big gains on the tour this year and is a guy who we should be watching for. Ace had such a good second half of the season and finished 6th overall.

I’m spending the Xmas/New Year break relaxing and spending time with family and friends up at Stradbroke Island, enjoying myself before I get back into a heavy training routine. Have a great Christmas everybody.  Hope you all get some waves and I will talk to you in ’09!


January 21, 2008


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A recent day here in da islands.

A recent day here in da islands.

I hope you are all getting sick waves!

I have been hanging here in Hawaii and really enjoying some quality water time. I have bounced around on the last few swells taking advantage of the outer island solitude.

We have also had some really great surf here on the North Shore. The Backdoor Shootout ran last week in some of the best Pipe/Backdoor I have seen in years. The level of surfing was amazing. The format really pushed everyone in the event to swing for the fences because advancing is not the objective. It’s all about trying to get a 10. It was a lot of fun to surf in for the mere fact that there were only three other guys in the water and the surf was pumping.

We are finally in full winter swing and the swells have been stacking up. The variety here on the North Shore is pretty amazing and I have been really enjoying some soul surfing. Not worrying about being the wave of the day guy at Pipe. Just getting back to the joy of riding waves with just a couple of other people out. I feel really recharged and excited about surfing again.

It’s been really great to have this time off to get back to what it is all about. Fun!!! Hope you are having fun!



November 21, 2007


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 Where do I start? So much has happened since my last blog.

Jake Paterson

Just before I left Bali I had a friends wedding which was a huge spin
out to see what a traditional Balinese Wedding was all about.

Jake Paterson

Now I’m in Hawaii and I’ve been here for about 10 days, pretty much
done everything already. Been into Waikiki longboarding with the
Quiksilver Young Guns team and hanging out with the Duke.

Jake Paterson

Snapped my new 6’6″, and have been playing heaps of golf but still
stinking it: best score so far was a 92.

Jake Paterson

“Rock-itis” is kicking-in and crazy stuff starts to happen. Check out
Shmoo’s new hairdo

.Jake Paterson

HaHa, anyway, huge swell due for the end of the Haleiwa contest, I got in as an alternate but lost the first day I was here, bummed out. Hope I can get into Sunset.

Jake Paterson

Check out this crazy motorbike. The US has all like of freaky cars and bikes.

Jake Paterson

This is the view from my room at the Quiksilver house. I’m pretty
sure when the swell comes up over 10′ that water is going to wash
under my room.

November 19, 2007

Aloha to everyone out there in blogland.

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Dayyans Blog

I’m currently into my second week on the North Shore … The waves have been pretty sick. It’s been a consistent 3-4′ with one 8’+ plus day at Sunset.

I’m pretty frothing on the fact I get to stay in the one spot for 6 weeks, seeing the last 6 months for me has been non-stop, living from week to week out of a bag … I’m not complaining though, it’s been all-time.

Here are a dozen shots for you to wet your lips …

This is Rhys Bombaci, Myself, and You-Know-Who kicking it in Hollywood.

This is Rhys Bombaci, Myself, and You-Know-Who kicking it in Hollywood.

I stayed with Sam and Mimi Carrier during the Hossegor WCT.

I stayed with Sam and Mimi Carrier during the Hossegor WCT. I kept them up a few nights but we managed to have a banging time. That’s Steds and a Giraffe of beer in the backgroun. No Aussie can go to France without experiencing one.

Everyone keeps on making a big deal about my hat

Everyone keeps on making a big deal about my hat – “Doo ya lieke me haat? ‘
So I gave Occ a run in it. He looks quite dashing don’t you think?

Pump up the Jam! Here’s some French 9e’s that were getting down at CafŽ de Paris after Mick won.

Pump up the Jam! Here’s some French 9e’s that were getting down at CafŽ de Paris after Mick won.

If you’ve ever been to Europe you know what the parking is like … Enough said!

If you’ve ever been to Europe you know what the parking is like … Enough said!

On the way from Europe to Brazil I had a three-day layover in London

On the way from Europe to Brazil I had a three-day layover in London which gave me an opportunity to hang out with my mate “Seppy’ and a few other assorted hooligans from Manly. This shot is Sep and I on the London tube… ” Just going to work like everyone else”

If you’re single and want to party, you have to visit the south of Brazil.

If you’re single and want to party, you have to visit the south of Brazil. Fortunately for Otto he is single and after coming second to Mick in THE BIGGEST Surfing event in Brazil … well …



Tommy nailed a third in Brazil … He also nailed Mick in the head with the champagne cork!

Tommy nailed a third in Brazil … He also nailed Mick in the head with the champagne cork!

Tommy nailed a third in Brazil … He also nailed Mick in the head with the champagne cork!

Haha … these shots are Brooko and I celebrating Mick winning the Title!!!
Haha … these shots are Brooko and I celebrating Mick winning the Title!!!

Naaah … We were pretending it was us that won it.

This is what being Australian is all about!!!!

This is what being Australian is all about!!!!
All of the boys wanted to show their love and support for Mick after winning the Title. Some had too much love to give!

I’m heading out to play golf … Smell ya later,


– Dayyan

November 15, 2007


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Ahhhhh, home at last!

It feels great to be back in Hawaii with my family and friends. It’s been a long year of travelling and being away from home and missing the wife and kids. That is one of the hardest aspects of being on the WCT.

It’s that time of year again. I love competing in the Triple Crown. It may not always be 20ft and perfect which is what everyone expects when they come to the North Shore but even when its only 3ft it has way more power than anywhere else in the world.

Read the sign, then check the website,

Read the sign, then check the website, © Shield

It feels great to ride some bigger boards and to get a few sections where you
can push with everything you have, instead of having to nurse your turn through a soft section. The crowds are pretty overwhelming at the moment but even if you get one good one your session is made.

Speaking of crowds. Do any of you know that the Oak Tree Development Corp., who ownS the Turtle Bay Resort, are planning on building five new hotels and 1000 condominiums at one of the most beautiful and pristine bays in the world called Kawela Bay.

Imagine how bad the traffic is going to be on our little two-lane road with all the construction trucks and cement trucks and all the traffic associated with something like that?

Is that being responsible? The City or State of Hawaii is allowing the use of an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) from 1985. Please get on board and support the cause to fight corruption and greed!

Keep the North Shore Country! Go to

And for background details about the situation click our article here –



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