April 19, 2010


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With Bobby and Bede on the beach at Johanna. © Joli

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t stinging a little after missing out on a second Bells Title. I have to give props to Kelly though. He pulled some freakish gear in the final and did it all with a busted foot.

I wanna also send a shout-out to all the fans who travelled all over Vic to watch the event unfold. It was a marathon event and a big effort from the spectators that made the journey. The support was amazing and it definitely helped me on the way to the final.

The second placing got me a mini Bell trophy and puts me into fifth position on the World Title ratings, which I feel better about after having a bit of a shocker in the first event. I’m in Panama with the Reef team now, from there I’ll head to Brazil for stop three of the tour. Can’t wait.

Got more sun then your average kid today in Panama shooting for the new reef campaign

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– Mick


March 29, 2010


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What an amazing day at Melbourne GP. Met some great people, got to see what goes into a car, and got to jump in one. Lucky kid.

Let’s go Webber and Team Red Bull.


– Mick

February 3, 2010


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Mick Fanning Surfing Snapper

Snapper this morning. © Shieid

Had a fun surf out Snapper with DH. Just laughing at each other getting worked.

– Mick

Mick Fanning Surfing Snapper with DH

Surfed D-Bah with DH and Kerrzy yesterday was a couple of fun sections and no one out. Love it like that!! © Shield

December 18, 2009


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A beer with Rob.

October 29, 2009


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Here’s my second video webisode. This one features; freesurfing sessions, my win in France and some other random gear. Hope you enjoy …

(Check out my last one from Trestles by clicking right here as well. )

May 1, 2009

Tahiti Warm Up

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Chopes. © Joli

Hey, I’m just sitting here reflecting on what’s happened this past week. At home I got pumping waves with a few of my mates, then I saw it was going to go flat. So I looked online and checked if there was any swell heading for Tahiti because the next event on the World Tour is there. Sure enough there was. So I got straight onto my travel agent and booked the flights.

The first day was 3 to 4′ and just a good warm up day then it gradually got bigger and up to 8 to 10′. There was a handful of Hawaiians and some Aussies out there as well. Just guys who really love surfing waves like Teauhupoo and Pipe. It was good to surf with them all and check out how each rode the wave differently.

I’ve had pretty poor results in Tahiti with the exception of 2007 and I think I know why; each time I come I feel as though I need to learn the wave again but with the top 45 guys hassling with a few leftover trialists and the local Tahitian rippers it’s not that easy to get a wave. Especially because if there is waves everyone is trying to get the best one or the event is on. So I decided if I get the chance to come early then I would. I find it really helps my confidence. And this time I am going home feeling really familiar with the break and comfortable.

So I’m home for a week to get the body back in to prime condition before coming back to try and get myself another result here at one of the scariest waves on earth.

In the meantime, hit this link to my personal site to see the three guys I have listed as major threats in the event and why.

– MF

October 15, 2008


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It all started at Jeffreys, back in July. © Joli

Hi Guys,

Just to let everyone out there know, the reason I did not compete in Mundaka is because I have been having a problem with my hip since J-Bay.

I thought I could work through it and get it sorted but as time has gone on it has just gotten worse. I decided in France the best thing to do was to go home and really figure this thing out. I came home, got all the tests done and the doctors tell me I have a slight tear in the hip joint.

So, I’m laid up for another 10 days to see if it will hopefully heal. If it doesn’t then I might have to get an arthroscope. I hope it doesn’t come to that as I am losing my mind already without surfing. Being bored on the couch isn’t that fun. But all is good, I am being positive and hope to make a full recovery.

With KP and Griggsy in France a couple of weeks back. © Joli

Other than that, not too much else has happened for me. I missed Mundaka, which looked fun, and I wanted to represent Australia at the ISA World Titles in Portugal but had to pull out too. Luckily for me the waves at home have been pretty average so that’s making it a little easier. Anyway, I start some rehab in the next couple of days so that should keep me moving in the right direction.



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