September 2, 2009


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Last month, JBay. © Joli

Time is fast approaching for the Hurley Pro at Trestles, I’ve been utilising my time between events to work on my fitness, health and nutrition … working out with various cross-training methods including long and relaxing stints on the bike. I’ve got a serious bike trainer, which makes me a whole lot more confident while cycling on the road over here. The surf’s been fairly small throughout, but it’s been good to get my head around Trestles – I like this wave. Hopefully we get a bit of swell when it’s contest time. In the mean time check my personal site,, for an archive of video and stuff.
– Jordy


August 19, 2009


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African animals, JBay, and Mormaii HQ …







All pics:

August 17, 2009


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These days it’s great to see airlines taking exceptional care with a man’s luggage. © Drake

So I just got back from a super-quick stint to the Gold Coast of Oz, couple fun waves but pretty small the whole time I was there. Was there for five days, and my boards only showed up on the 4th day. Got to love SAA, done five trips this year so far, only one of them my boards have actually arrived with me, not sure what the hell is happening but this is pretty pathetic.

But enough about that, home now for a week then off to Europe and the States for just under three months. Schedule looks like this; France for a week, States for a month, back to France for two weeks, Spain two weeks and then Portugal for two weeks.

So these next few days at home are going to be golden …




After J-Bay I had to mission up to Johannesburg for the day to get my French (Schengen) visa. It’s actually pretty damn crazy how heavy it’s getting for South Africans now to travel: We literally need visas for almost every stop on tour, and the costs involved are pretty high too. Joys of being a Saffa, But the country we live in outweighs any visa issues!!! ©

July 27, 2009


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Restaurant on a motorbike. Anyone feel like rolling the lunch dice at a roadside cholera cart? Could be double sixes, could be snake eyes. © Shield

Hey guys,

Have been on a mission lately!!!  Feels like I’ve been around the world 20 times and all in three weeks. Love it!!

First up was the Brazil WT, waves were pretty fun and ended up with 9th place; lost a close heat to CJ. Had fun though, all the boyz went mad for a night, was sick!!!


Brazil, Africa, Australia, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Australia, Costa Rica … it’s been a good blur. © Shield

Then packed bags to SA …  J-Bay was flat at first but then turned on for the last three days. Was feelin’ good and surfed well but was beaten by SA  superwild card Sean Holmes!!  I fell in a couple of crucial tubes on the end section, which cost me, plus Sean surfed real well. I got a 9th there.

Just got back from Bali yesterday. How good is that joint!?! Went to Scar Reef  to catch a swell;  plane to Lombok,  car ride to ferry, ferry ride to car, then to camp.

Fun 4-6′ waves, surfed for three days, and now here I am at home in Port Macquarie. Off to Costa Rica, Wednesday, for World ISA Games. Keep u cats posted!!!

– camballs


Making sure the local neighbourhood rice paddies are in top shape. © Shield

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