August 25, 2009


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Somewhere on the Nusa Tenggara peninsula. © Check some video from the trip on my personal site

It’s a two-hour drive from Deserts back to the airport. The swell had passed and we needed a ride. We jumped in with a couple of our friends and started driving. Everyone who’s been to Indonesia knows that local drivers are crazy and the rules of the road are, there are no rules.

Our driver, let’s call him “John”, was doing a great job until we found ourselves suddenly heading down the wrong way of a one way street. Quickly realizing what he’d done, John pulled to the side and began turning around.

Moments later I hear a bang on the hood and sure enough it was the cops. It all happened so fast that I wasn’t sure what was going on. Andrew was yelling, “Fuck this guy, let’s go. Go. Go”. Our other buddy, lets call him “Alex”, was saying the same. So, John stepped on the gas and bailed.

Laughing hysterically we thought we were home free, the cop was on foot and unless he was the terminator there was no way he was catching up with us. Or so we thought.

Turns out his partner was across the street sitting on his scooter watching the whole thing. We still had a chance to get away if we had pulled down a few side streets or didn’t have the only car on the road with four board bags strapped to the roof. Being the terrible getaway artists we are we ended up getting pulled over about a mile and a half from the scene of the crime.

Surprisingly the cop wasn’t that pissed, I guess that shit happens everyday. We told him we’re stupid foreigners and did what any other stupid foreigner would do in this situation, offer the man some cold hard cash.

But, he wouldn’t take it, just told us to follow him to see his superior officer. That’s when shit stopped being funny, what the fuck did we get ourselves into.


Smokies. © Dion

Things got quiet in the car as we followed the scooter cop, then Alex says “Shit, I got some weed in my bag”. At first it was funny, like holy shit could things get any worse, we’re going to jail. Then Alex was all bummed because good weed is hard to come by in Indo, but we all knew tossing it was the right thing to do. With the cop in front of us constantly looking in his rear view mirror, it was difficult to just toss it out the window. With a frown on his face Alex managed to get rid of it without the cop seeing. May that lost bag of weed be found by someone who really appreciates it, amen.

We get to a little police hangout where two officers are waiting and are told to stay in the car while John goes and talks to his superior. Meanwhile, our Indonesian hook-up is on his way to bail our asses out. He gets there and within 5 minutes John’s back in the car and we’re on our way to the airport. Our hearts and emotions are still racing so we unload the car and head for the nearest bar. We even find a tall blond hottie who wants to join us for drinks, even offers to buy the first round. You gotta love Indo, never a dull moment.

– Freddy P


August 13, 2008


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Durbidge Castle in Bali © Shield

I guess you could call it an opportunity lost. Not just for me, but for a few of us in the top 10 who were trying to chase down Kelly’s big lead going into The Search in Indonesia.

With Kelly having a third round exit, a few of us got excited about making some headway on that points gap: but then most of us, including myself, go and bail out in the very next round!

With the exception of Taj who reached the quarters, those of us who went into the event ranked from two to eight weren’t really able to make a dent.

I was spewing but you have to get over it quickly and move on. Which means getting the focus right for the next event at Trestles in California. Fortunately, that’s not hard for me because I have a soft spot for the Boost Pro. I broke through for my first WCT win there two years ago when I was able to beat Kelly in the final. I’ve always enjoyed Trestles as a wave and California as a place, so I’m confident of being in the right zone for the event.


Boxing with Elko last year. © Shield

I’ll tune up ahead of leaving with a few training sessions with Elko and get some time in with my shaper Wayne McKewen on my quiver. I’m away for six weeks on this next stint so it’s important to get things right before I go.

Reflecting on The Search, once again it was an insane event. We had really good waves at different times. So much so that the event was wound up within five days which is a rare occurrence on tour. Bali was such a great choice of location and I hope Rip Curl come up with somewhere just as good next year.

Occasionally, the event was a bit frustrating when it got super tidal. You could have one heat with guys getting nines and the next heat with guys getting fives and still getting through. The conditions could shift that rapidly, so it was often really hard to know what kind of waves you were in for in your heat, or where to sit. But your competitor is in the same boat so it kind of added an extra element and edge to each heat.


Master shaper (and surfer) Wayne McKewen. © Mt Woodgee

Some amazing surfing went down during the event. I was caddying for Timmy Reyes in that heat he had with Kelly. I’ve never seen surfing like that … it was freakish. Freddie P was also on fire the whole time we were there and Bruce Irons’ barrel riding on the final day showed he was a worthy champion.

As per usual, Bali also delivered out of the water. It’s one of my favourite places in the world. I took my wife Tarryn and we had an awesome time. We fit pretty easily into the Bali lifestyle!

In terms of the tour, my strategy from here is to just keep chipping away without giving up. I am due a win and I know it’s there soon.


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