October 29, 2007


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All wired up and ready for Brazil.

All wired up and ready for Brazil.

The joys and the pains of Surfing!

Surfers live a pretty banging life style. Travel and surfing the best waves in the world. Living the endless summer, beaches, bikini’s and barrels. Well it’s not all like that. Now I’m not one to start winging but the last few weeks have been tough. After my recent good results in

France and the States. I backed it up with a 33rd in Mundaka. (Or should I say the Bakio Pro, as this is what it is becoming after several bad years of waves.) In 1ft close outs. I then jumped on a flight to the Canary’s, A 6 star prime. I have heard nothing but good reports about the Canary’s. The problem was the wind was onshore, the waves were small, we got our wetsuit’s stolen and land is dust, not too different from the moon. I pick up some points and hightailed it out of there to Brazil where I am now.

A quick 15-hour flight and seated next to a huge football forward like person. My back is fucked as he needed two seats and decided to take mine. Luckily I am staying with Jarrad Howse and he has some electrode device called a Compex that has seemed to do the trick. Comps on and

I’m back in the water

‘Til next time I write.



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