May 11, 2010


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This morning I arrived at the airport in Las Vegas to catch my 9:35 flight.

I tried to make a “fast check-in” at one of those machines, the type where before you even start using it, you know it won’t work. In the end I had to line-up in the queue for a lady to help me with the subject.

“I’m so sorry, Mr Aranburu, but your flight isn’t at 9:35am, it will be at 9:35 pm,” she said, looking at me like I was an idiot.

And the truth is that maybe I was a bit of an idiot. “If one day has 24 hours, why you guys have to call it 9, instead of the 21st hour of the day?” I asked poker-faced (that’s what you tend to do around here)

Maybe I could spend another day in Vegas? When I managed to find a ticket from another company, which gave me time to make my connections, I had to make a decision

Take it now – I wanted to leave Vegas on a high.

As four hours before, Hodei, Alba, Adur and I bet $125 that was going to be red: “Tatatatatatatatatatatatatatat ta ta ta ta taa taaa taaa … Red 18!”

{Check some more clips from Trestles on my personal site:}

– Aritz


April 29, 2009


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Getting amped for the next event — Here’s a clip I made today with Andrew Oliver for my site


Freddy P

April 3, 2009


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Searching for roos … © All pics:

When one returns home after a trip to Australia the first two questions are always the same.
The first thing you’ll be asked is: – “How was this trip?”
The answer is very clear, it can be either good or bad.

The second question is always: – “Have you seen many kangaroos?”
This is the million dollar question, these things seem to be the envy of the world, and you know this now before you even leave home. So we made sure that before we made our return trip that we had a Yes!


The drive to Sydney …

It was the first trip to Australia for Arantxa, and since the day I arrived I had heard repeated about 56 times the same question: “When will I see a kangaroo?”

I replied that “In the worst case we could always go to a zoo, but that “Australia is very wild and we would be close to seeing some in passing if we wait.”


Sign number 186 and still hadn’t seen one …

After Snapper we toured the East Coast to Sydney where we saw about 235 posters of Kangaroos attention! The days passed and still we had not seen any until just a few miles off Sydney. It was sunset and I was behind the wheel when I noticed something far away, I noticed Arantxa was also trying to find out what it was.

I advanced a little and exclaimed: “Noo, nooo, nooooooo …!!
– And then when we were very close – Oh god! – She cried.

Poor kangaroo was on the side of the road … May he rest in peace.


New camera. So henceforth expect to see more photos.

Five kilometres later we saw another vision – Kangaroo! … And he also hit. Arantxa landed at home today (and didn’t get the chance to see more kangaroos), so when she is asked that second question she will respond with a “yes” but without a smile on her face.

Greetings from Tasmania,

– Aritz

May 26, 2008


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Aritz In Fiji


Life in Fiji! No surfing for me until tomorrow so here’s an update of what has been happening with me since my injury way back on the Gold Coast. You can also see footage on my website, as well as blogs posted in Spanish.

This is rainbow day


This is at Rainbow Bay, right after I injured my leg. I spent most of the time recovering in France. The ligament healed very well and mobility of the knee and ankle advanced pretty quickly. I was based in the famous CERS sports rehab centre in Capbreton, located right on the beach. In fact I was watching the waves at all times which made me a little anxious, but I really enjoyed mind surfing them. If someday you have a problem like this, I strongly recommend this centre.

This is rainbow day


I had started surfing a couple of weeks before Tahiti and was progressing well until I got another little sprain in my left ankle. It was nothing too serious but it meant I couldn’t surf until I got to Teahupoo. I had to wait until checking the situation once I got there to see whether I was able to compete or not.

Aritz Teahupoo


I was already walking around by the time the Teahupoo event started. And the ankle actually held together well in the fat pipes that arrived with the swell. The also managed to fit in a photo sessions with the Quik team of Dane Reynolds, Ry Craike, Jeremy Flores, Clay Marzo, Alain Riou, and Micky Picon.

Teahupoo road sign


I wanted more in Teahupoo, as in the heats I didn’t get too many waves. We hung around until just before Fiji, just relaxing and catching a great late swell.

Ondo Segi!



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