May 21, 2010


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Received this classic letter via my personal site,, from Karynne and her son Jed.
Thanks guys!

“Our ten-year-old son is often told how much he looks like a little Mick Fanning. Jed loves surfing. We live five minutes away from the ocean and get in there as much as possible. Jed will go in and stay in for 3 to 4 hours at a time, the only way I can get him out is to stand on the shore waving a white paper bag with pie in it! Attached are some images for you to see the resemblance. Hope you enjoyed this email.”


May 18, 2010


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Hey it’s good to be back in France. I left in January when it was winter and snowing and now I am back and it’s getting much warmer, the waves haven’t been so good yet but I can’t wait to surf the typical powerful beachbreaks and barrels and fun peaks we usualy surf!!! I’ve been doing a few training sessions with Yannick, and just been taking care of other things ’cause I was away for a while …

If you want to see more pics from the road, then check my new site by clicking here

See ya,


April 14, 2009



The Paddock … ©

Got pretty lucky last weekend and got paddock passes for the V8 Supercars exhibition race at the Melbourne Grand Prix along with getting to watch the Friday practice session of the F1. Crazy times, the loudest thing I’ve ever heard and I was blown away at the speed of those cars …


The Pits … ©

… TV doesn’t do those cars any justice, so much faster in real life. All in all, really good experience, met up with V8 Supercar Oakley team riders Rick Kelly and Greg Murphy, legends of the Supercar series.

Super-cool guys. Added some photos from the day and with the drivers. Stoked I got to do this while in Melbourne … good times!


Got to go down the pits with Rick Kelly of the Jack Daniels team and also meet Greg Murphy (pictured)and the Sprintgas crew. ©

– Davey

May 13, 2008


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Snake's Blog


Julian Wilson about to put one over the boundary.

The year is flying by, so I better give you a little update on what has been going on in my life.

I surfed in the Margaret River WQS event and only made through it the trials and lost in the first round of the main event which I was very disappointed about but I guess I will have to wait until next year to have another crack.

Every year while the Margaret River event is on, we play a game of cricket. I put together a team made up of surfers on tour and my local shaper Chris “Chapstar” Chapman puts together the local indoor cricket team.

Local boys

Local boys “Squeezers” pose for a group shot with the “Blow Ins”

For the first four years we played indoor cricket but for the last two years we have played a 20/20 outdoor game. It’s the best fun, check out the shots above and this little video clip below.

Another “Blow Ins” victory becomes official.

After the Margaret River event I was off to South Africa to the Quiksilver Pro, Durban. I was there to commentate for the live web cast along with Martin Potter. Great event with some great waves and with the local boy Davey Weare winning the event there were some drinks had at the end of the week.

Now I’m back in Bali and for the last few weeks it’s been pretty much
pumping since I have been back. I have been surfing all over the place but mostly my local spot Canggu.

The new Yamaha.

The new Yamaha.

What I’m pretty happy about at the moment is my new scooter I got last
Friday. Only for the back roads around Canggu because I don’t want to end up
road kill!!!

This is my new one (9'0 x 28 x 4). I can't wait to get on it.

This is my new one (9’0 x 28 x 4). I can’t wait to get on it.

Well, I also have a new brand of paddle-boards that I’m making up here in Bali. So if anyone out there in web land wants to order one up, just send me a message to this blog with your email address and I will email you back.

Stay turned for more news coming soon.


January 28, 2008


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There’ll be plenty more all day sessions when hitting the other Sunshine State (Queensland) in Feb.

There’ll be plenty more all day sessions when hitting the other Sunshine State (Queensland) in Feb.
© Shield

The whole month of January have just been kicking it in Florida and waiting for a swell in the Caribbean to pop up so I can go chase it.

It has been good lately to feel like a surfer again and to just surf all day long
and come home so hungry and tired you can’t even move. I love that feeling when that happens and have had some of that lately.

The family is doing well and I have been feeling good; can’t wait to get over to the Goldy and surf all day long there also.

Have been watching the Australian Open and Football so have had my sports fix. I really like watching people compete.



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