December 10, 2009


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Pancho Sullivan’s daughter Kehau needs some serious medical attention, do what you can by watching the above video and helping out in any way you can by clicking here


January 21, 2008


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A recent day here in da islands.

A recent day here in da islands.

I hope you are all getting sick waves!

I have been hanging here in Hawaii and really enjoying some quality water time. I have bounced around on the last few swells taking advantage of the outer island solitude.

We have also had some really great surf here on the North Shore. The Backdoor Shootout ran last week in some of the best Pipe/Backdoor I have seen in years. The level of surfing was amazing. The format really pushed everyone in the event to swing for the fences because advancing is not the objective. It’s all about trying to get a 10. It was a lot of fun to surf in for the mere fact that there were only three other guys in the water and the surf was pumping.

We are finally in full winter swing and the swells have been stacking up. The variety here on the North Shore is pretty amazing and I have been really enjoying some soul surfing. Not worrying about being the wave of the day guy at Pipe. Just getting back to the joy of riding waves with just a couple of other people out. I feel really recharged and excited about surfing again.

It’s been really great to have this time off to get back to what it is all about. Fun!!! Hope you are having fun!



January 4, 2008


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Even windy and small, Rocky Point has still been rideable.

Even windy and small, Rocky Point has still been rideable.
© Joli

Not a whole lot to speak of here on the North Shore. The weather and surf has been the worst since the winter of ’94/’95. It has rained for a month straight and the trades have been a blistery 15-25mph everyday. I am hopeful that ’08 brings a change in the jetstream and the weather pattern.On the positive side there have been waves to surf almost everyday. It’s been really nice just being at home and spending quality time with the family. I’ve been working around the house a lot and catching up on a lot of sports through the holidays.

UH Quarterback Colt Brennan, rocking a very-Hawaiian hairdo.

UH Quarterback Colt Brennan, rocking a very-Hawaiian hairdo.
© Courtesy: Mr Irrelevant

Watching college football bowl games galore. I was so disappointed for the UH (University of Hawaii) players. They played their hearts out this season but the offensive line forgot to show up and protect Colt Brennan in the Sugar Bowl. It was heartbreaking to see him get sacked eight times. I wish him well in the NFL!

Go Blazers! 13 wins in a row through the month of December. It’s playoff time in the NFL. I love this time of year.

Ahhhh shoot, I gotta run, my kid just dropped his guts. Time to change his diaper. Its all about multi-tasking! Hope wherever you are, you are enjoying all the great things in life.



November 15, 2007


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Ahhhhh, home at last!

It feels great to be back in Hawaii with my family and friends. It’s been a long year of travelling and being away from home and missing the wife and kids. That is one of the hardest aspects of being on the WCT.

It’s that time of year again. I love competing in the Triple Crown. It may not always be 20ft and perfect which is what everyone expects when they come to the North Shore but even when its only 3ft it has way more power than anywhere else in the world.

Read the sign, then check the website,

Read the sign, then check the website, © Shield

It feels great to ride some bigger boards and to get a few sections where you
can push with everything you have, instead of having to nurse your turn through a soft section. The crowds are pretty overwhelming at the moment but even if you get one good one your session is made.

Speaking of crowds. Do any of you know that the Oak Tree Development Corp., who ownS the Turtle Bay Resort, are planning on building five new hotels and 1000 condominiums at one of the most beautiful and pristine bays in the world called Kawela Bay.

Imagine how bad the traffic is going to be on our little two-lane road with all the construction trucks and cement trucks and all the traffic associated with something like that?

Is that being responsible? The City or State of Hawaii is allowing the use of an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) from 1985. Please get on board and support the cause to fight corruption and greed!

Keep the North Shore Country! Go to

And for background details about the situation click our article here –



October 17, 2007


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Hello Web Land.

This is getting a little ridiculous. Every single event has struggled to get decent surf this year. Not that you should feel sorry for us but I’m sure everyone can relate to enjoying a quality surf in good waves. Well let’s just
say that has been really rare for us this year.

Europe is always a really incredible experience but it is extremely tidal which means that it’s only really good at just the right tide. There were a few heats in France that had incredible waves. On the flip side I did get two free-surfs away from the contest area that were way more fun than anything else I have had all year on tour.

I’m back at home in Hawaii now and enjoying time with my family before heading to Brazil. Packed up the kids and headed down to Ali’i beach yesterday for the 31st annual Menehune contest at Haleiwa. It was such a treat to see all the kids having fun and absolutely ripping the waves apart. It was perfect size for them. 2-3ft.

I was blown-away by the level of surfing. The next generation of surfers coming out of Hawaii is mind-boggling. I will go out on a limb and say that by 2016 there will be at least 12 Hawaiians on the men’s WCT tour and at least five on the women’s WCT tour.

The best thing about the Menehune event is the emphasis on having fun. I hope wherever you are you’re having fun!



September 27, 2007


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Hope you are getting good surf wherever you are!

The past few weeks has been pretty full on. My family and I went to California for the Trestles WCT event and had a great time. I was blessed to have my family with me and we made the most of our trip by hitting up Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo.

I competed in the WCT event and had a good result but never felt like I surfed to my potential. Surf was pretty small and inconsistent the whole time.

not surprisingly, a different ballgame to Trestles.

Hossegor: not surprisingly, a different ballgame to Trestles.

I am now here on the beautiful South West coast of France in Hossegor. The surf has been really fun since I arrived. There has been two really good days with perfect conditions. The sandbars are very fickle here and the tides really extreme, which means you end up checking the surf about 15 times a day.

France is a great place to visit this time of year. The weather is mild and the water is not too cold yet. It’s not as crowded as the mid-summer vacation madness.

The coffee is strong and the swells are really start to crank up going into
Autumn. If you get a chance to travel I would definitely recommend coming here at least once in your life.

Mahalo for your interest.

Mercie Bocu!


September 4, 2007

Pancho powers-up

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Pancho powers-up

Fingers crossed Trestles will be dishing up some of this gold. &credit; Sarge.

Hope wherever you are the surf is bigger than it is here. Summer time on the North Shore is like a lake.

I have really enjoyed the break from all the traveling. I’ve been hanging out here on Oahu and enjoying time with my family and friends. Just being normal again. Taking out the trash, changing my son’s diapers and taking my daughter to pre-school. Spending time with my wife and just slowing the pace a bit. It is a thrill to compete when the surf is good but life has much deeper rewards than any heat win. Seeing your child crawl across the floor to grab a toy is pretty awesome and it has been a great opportunity to enjoy and remember that!

I’ve managed to go surfing at least once a day and have been training and staying fit. I have been really focusing
on bettering my equipment and have been trying a variety of foils and rockers as well as tail designs. Mostly
been surfing wind swell grovel as I try to avoid the crowds on the south shore. Looking forward to seeing some
real waves again. The events have been pretty crappy so far. Hopefully Trestles will see some good south swell.

Best wishes to you all!


July 27, 2007


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Well, That was quite the mission getting home. After four flights — one being cancelled and then rescheduled six hours later before being delayed another four hours — and about 24 hours on planes including a cool 19 hours of layover thrown in I stumbled off the plane into the beautiful tradewind breeze’s of the Hawaiian Islands.

Never miss coming home. This is Jamie O.

Never miss coming home. This is Jamie O. © Andre Z

Ahhhh, it feels good to me home! J-Bay has still eluded me. This was my second pilgrimage to the famed right-hand point break and I am pretty shattered that it had not gotten over 3′.

It is a really soft wave at that size and a little sectiony. You have to nurse your turns which is frustrating because you have so much down the line speed. When you do get a good section it’s a tight, high, compact pocket which really only lends itself to a projection turn down the line. It is a really good wave for riding twin fins and fish models. Fast highline trim yourself silly. At that size anyway.

What a magical location. The point itself is just beautiful. The sunrise sessions are lit up with all kinds of pink and orange colors. The dolphins greet you daily and you can’t help but love the beauty of the countryside around the town. Had a great trip!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

All the best!


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