February 11, 2010


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Yamba! © Shield

G’day everyone, it’s Owen Wright, and this is what’s been happening …

Well, I’ve been surfing so much over the past two weeks with this swell that’s been hitting the east coast! Lennox and Boulders have been so fun, have only been going right, getting ready for Snapper.

There hasn’t been much time for training since the swell started but before that I was doing a fair few squat thrusts, haha. Have been hangin’ in Bondi a fair bit chilling with Wilko and Dom. It’s been so fun just going out and appreciating all the gorgeous women that flock to Bondi!

Just did the ASL qualifiers trip to Yamba with Wilko, Melling, Blake and Munro … then Rossy came down and got all local on us! Haha.

We got really fun waves, Melling was going mad out the point (good to see!) and
just some real fun beachies that everyone was ripping on! I’ve been trying out some new Byrne boards as well, they’ve been going pretty good, breaking a few but got a few golden ones for the event comin’ up.

I’m moving to the Gold Coast in the next couple of days, got a unit between D’Bah and Snapper I’m goin’ to live there with my older brother Tim. It’s just closer to everything like training, and the comps that are coming up. Got a new car which I’m frothing about as well! Woo.

– Owen

Takin’ a break at Pippies. © Shield


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