July 27, 2009


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Restaurant on a motorbike. Anyone feel like rolling the lunch dice at a roadside cholera cart? Could be double sixes, could be snake eyes. © Shield

Hey guys,

Have been on a mission lately!!!  Feels like I’ve been around the world 20 times and all in three weeks. Love it!!

First up was the Brazil WT, waves were pretty fun and ended up with 9th place; lost a close heat to CJ. Had fun though, all the boyz went mad for a night, was sick!!!


Brazil, Africa, Australia, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Australia, Costa Rica … it’s been a good blur. © Shield

Then packed bags to SA …  J-Bay was flat at first but then turned on for the last three days. Was feelin’ good and surfed well but was beaten by SA  superwild card Sean Holmes!!  I fell in a couple of crucial tubes on the end section, which cost me, plus Sean surfed real well. I got a 9th there.

Just got back from Bali yesterday. How good is that joint!?! Went to Scar Reef  to catch a swell;  plane to Lombok,  car ride to ferry, ferry ride to car, then to camp.

Fun 4-6′ waves, surfed for three days, and now here I am at home in Port Macquarie. Off to Costa Rica, Wednesday, for World ISA Games. Keep u cats posted!!!

– camballs


Making sure the local neighbourhood rice paddies are in top shape. © Shield


June 9, 2008


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G’day everyone!!!

Am in the Maldives havin’ a bloody great time. We’ve had some really rippable waves all week, have been staying at Lohifushi resort and gettin’ spoilt!!! Ha!


The boat crew guys looking stylish. © Shield


Cans. © Shield

The place is now starting to fill up as all the pro dudes rock up for the contest!

All good, talk soon.



Here in Maldives early with Adam Melling (above) and Shaun Cansdell for ASL mag in Australia, check it out soon. © Shield

October 9, 2007


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“Here’s the Occ making the most out ot Bakio”

How’s it gaarn!! Been in Europe for the last two weeks and I’m in Spain at the moment for the Mundaka event. The waves have been pretty small so I’ve been keeping busy; heaps of sightseeing and skating; there’s some sick skate parks in France. We‘re staying in a cool place in Bakio at the moment where, of an evening, we eat at the legendary Joshe Mari. I’ve been staying with the Wills family, Chucky and Wife of Chucky, Jayden and Symone. The kids have been teaching me clappy games, and card tricks … ouch! Jayden just smashed me with a spitball! Comp was on yesterday at Bakio, small but contestable waves.

Talk soon I’m goin’ surfing


July 27, 2007

How u goin?

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Just got back from Sth Africa for Billabong Pro. We had a pretty long wait for waves but that’s what we do!!

This is what I think of Mexicana Airlines.

This is what I think of Mexicana Airlines.

Got some good free sessions before the event and felt really good. Won my second round against Occy, was a tight heat but just come out on top. In my third round ht I got beaten by Luke stedman, it was real inconsistent and he got the two only sets that came in. He surfed good though. Taj blew up ay, the little legend!

Before J-Bay was in Mexico , Puerto Escondido for the X Games, and the waves were sooo good! Had a ball ay! I left Mexico with a good dose of the runs as well and still have em!

Also, the airline I was travelling with, Mexicana Airlines, somehow lost my two boardbags (10+ boards) and a massive travel bag … Can u believe it!?! And they are still lost!

Luckily my girl threw in two boards with her gear just in case! I’m at home getting’ ready for the Trestles event in America — training and just cruisin.

Talk soon


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