November 3, 2009


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This was my first trip back from injury. Maybe if I missed this one I would not be injured again. Hahahahahahaha, no seriously I should have sat this one out. Two weeks of sleeping in tents, driving in a double decker bus from pub to pub watching live bands, surfing shit waves, hanging with hell crew having a hell time. Hang on a second. I would not miss this for the world. Injuries heal, missing out on this stuff you never get back.

This is Otto …

… and my new hero, Dion. He is the bus driver, the skate ramp builder and the man gets shit done. I want to be just like him one day …

The boys watching the skaters in the bowl at dusk.



The Bus from Hell.

AS you can see we were all having a really crap time while we watched MGMT live at Splendour In The Grass.

This is Warren Smith. This is his neck with hickies all over it. He is also not gay.

The man.

This is Steve Gorrow. He did most of the paintings on the bus, put the trip together and does all the artwork for Insight. Pretty much single-handedly made this trip happen. Well almost.

Otto became Crocodile Dundee as the trip came into the final days and he caught a huge croc in the gully that ran behind this back beach at Forster.

The Man again!!!!!!



It got a lil weird at times.

– LS


October 11, 2009


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“Yeah Yeah Yeahs … “


One of my most fav bands in the world, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were playing while the Trestles contest in LA was on and one of my good buddies hooked me up with some tickets.

I had no idea where we were going to be seated and did not care one lil bit. Was just so excited to have the op to get there in the first place. The night just got that much better when we asked the guy who worked at the Greek Theatre where our seats were and he pointed at this booth below. I looked at TB and he had the same expression on his face when he won J bay and that was a few years ago. Have not seen it since then either. Hahahahah, kidding hui.


The Team:
– Me and my girl,
– TB and Steph,
– Johny and Sasha,
That’s Steph trying to fly kick Johny in the face. I think she is looking for a Bra Boys tatt or a postcode or some sort of cred from him. Maybe she is just over him being the 3rd wheel …



The Greek Theatre was the best venue I have ever been to. Did not matter where you sat, you had good vision of the band and could enjoy the atmosphere that this place had to offer. It’s fully outdoor which is great. The only thing I could ask for more is volume. I like it when I feel the music rattle my bones. So that’s why straight after the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, me and my lady drove across LA to the Viper Room and watched The Goons play really, really, really loud … Nothing better than seeing your boys play rock and roll, well, loud, loud noise.


Ozzzzzzzzzz, Blakey, Tim and Cow are The Goons.

We also went to Disneyland the next day at 8:30am. Real smart move. The girls were hurting and so was I and that’s why I’m not in any of these shots.

– LS

November 17, 2008


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Been a busy little bumble bee of late. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZing all over this globe a couple of times over and over and over of late.

Can’t get enough honey though so I’m BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZing as much as possible.


I got a DJ Falcon next to me then a Ron Blakey and a Cow boy. All kicking it at dusk at this joint called 100 Marches in France. It’s right next to where I stay in Biarritz and it’s the best afternoon bar in the world. I’m serious, nowhere else in the world can beat this place for ambiance, view and cold beer.
DJ Falcon plays in Paris regularly and travels with Daft Punk and is a super keen surfer. So we got to hand wit. Ron was commentating both the France and Spanish events and Cow boy was my personal chef though Europe. Both are my boys. Big time Babe …


This is the view from our crib in Biarritz. It sux huh.


Although Cow Boy has trouble sticking airs in the surf. He landed this thing so sweet. Rode out of it like butter on a fry pan. Thank god though as I was over taking him to hospital.


Da Boys on the bike trip.


I could not get enough of this. Tb and i laughing so hard at this. My boy Otto trying to explain why he was going around a roundabout the wrong way in France. A bee stung him he cries. Idiot … but he got off … so is he a genius?????


Say no more …


Who is dat kook. I have so much fun making fun of myself.


Spent a bit of time in san Sebastian. This was right before we got some crazy grits at one of the many, many Tapas restaurants. Fun little town but if you go make sure it’s after 3pm, otherwise she is shut for business. Also, if you’re going out, don’t go anywhere till after 1am.


MJ took me to Maui for my first time. Such an epic place. Beautiful. This is the only shot I took ’cause I’m a lazy camera man. Can you believe that she also ordered scrambled eggs? FREAK!!!!!!


This is a random night in LA right before France. My good friend Tak and Raymond Pettibon. Raymond is a cool cat who is one of my favorite artists. I got to hang with him so it was really cool. Raymond has done artwork for Black Flag and also designed the logo for the group. He has also worked with Sonic Youth, another of my fav groups. He has his work in Museum of Modern Art in NY, The Museum of Contemporary Art in LA, and a large collection in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

His work….

– Steds

July 25, 2008


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Oska on the mic.

Hey guys,

So … I know that if your friend plays in a band then you are particularly biased. Even if they play crap and you would normally think a couple of nails running down a chalkboard sound better, you still think they are the greatest …

Well, I thought the Goons Of Doom rocked from day one. They have been playing for a couple of years now and the band is growing up. Kids are owned by half the members, so yes there are a couple of fathers now but the beers still flow and the ego is still high.

Only thing is, now these guys deserve an ego. They are good; a full house at the Beach Rd at Bondi, girls running around lip syncing to the words, a following that would make any band member proud and give the confidence to play at peak levels.


Cowboy on the pigskins

Now, I know what you are thinking: "Yer but how many beers did you have?"
The answer is zero, I drove, and I’m off to Bali in the morning to get some game time in at the event site which I’m not allowed to disclose. I signed a huge contract and if I tell then they will fine me $5000 … Heavy, huh?

Anyway, just wanted you all to know that if you see the Goons up in headlights playing at a venue near you, then go and see them. You don’t need to be drunk to see them anymore.


May 23, 2008


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Steds Blog
Steds Surfing

Stiff offshores during Rnd3 heat with Bottle. © Joli

Tahiti was shaping up to be a mirror image of last year, which was really not that cool. If you remember last year, the event had to go over the waiting period as it physically could not be run as the surf was so tiny.

This year, fortunately, we saw that late in the waiting period there was a three-day window, it was the only possible time to run the event. Big Louie Egan made the call and pretty much called the event off for five days straight. I have never seen anyone ever do that before.

It was awesome. We had a full five days to do whatever in Tahiti. So we pretty much became football wannabes. It is about 35 degrees in the shade around midday but we were out there doing drills. I thought I was in the Swans and Otto pretty much sent in his resume after the week.

When the drills stopped, the swell came, and it was perfect timing. I was over it and wanted to get the show on the road. Five-foot crisp barrels were floating around by the afternoon of the first day and it stayed like this for a good couple of days.

Contest Director Luke Egan ... nailed it.

Contest Director Luke Egan … nailed it. © Joli

The comp was over in three days and it normally takes four to run a contest. The judges worked like maniacs and squeezed the whole event out while the swell was on. Awesome job, boys.

I’m off to Fiji today and the swell looks like it’s going to be pumping. Check the report here –

Can’t wait.


April 3, 2008


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Sted’s Blog Header

What’s not to love about this island?

What’s not to love about this island?

I love Bali! Bali, Bali, Bali.
Especially when I have had three of the biggest nights of the year in a row.

It’s been a super fun few weeks. I spent three weeks in Bells this year and had my most fun time in the Victorian state ever. TB, his trainer Johnny Cannon, High Nevel and I; surfed, trained, listened to filthy beats and watched many clips for the whole time and to tell you the truth I could do it forever.

High Nevel, hard at work.

High Nevel, hard at work.

We scored really fun waves and hot weather, which was cool for that time of year. TB knocked me in the 4th round of the event which was a bummer but he surfed really well and I was happy to lose to someone in form.

I then started my party planning. A big night at the Event party was really fun but it was hard driving to Mel airport at 7am. It was all good though because that night I went to watch Queens Of The Stone Age with a pass that allowed me to basically go and sit on Joey Castillo’s lap while he played the drums.

I was there with Kai Otton and we got to take Josh Homme and the band out on the town and I was pretty much like a little kid in a candy store. Otto could not string two words together because he was so excited and he was not even drunk; at 3am, when we walked out of the bar, I can tell you one thing, I was. Hahahaha.

I then had to get over a hangover and get ready for the V Festival where I watched the Queens again and also Smashing Pumpkins, Air and the Presets. All were amazing but I was starting to hit a serious wall.

Here’s hoping the Bukit gets some of this on the horizon before too long.

Here’s hoping the Bukit gets some of this on the horizon before too long.

I’m now kicking it in Bali and the surf is dead flat so I’m really getting to know the massages and I’m pretty much the most rested kid on the island.



November 16, 2007


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Luke Stedman

To the kids of the web world who’re bored so they are reading my blog. Hahaha, hope you’re all not too bored.

I’m finally going to be in a place for more than 10 days so I have been able to unpack my bag and put away the suitcase … deep, deep, deep under the stairs. It feels good.

I have been the full travelling gypsy of late. Ill start you from the top;
… All in the space of six weeks: All has been fricking amazing. I have had the best six weeks of my career, which has been rad.

I came 9th in Spain and 9th in Brazil and now I’m at a PB of 17th, which I’m really proud of. Now I just want to keep nailing it and make the top 16. Anyhow enough of crap comp talk lets get to the fun photo stuff …

This is Kai. And this was on our Insight shoot.

This is Kai. And this was on our Insight shoot. He thinks he looks really good when he struck this pose. We were getting up at 4am every morning to get good light and it was good to have Kai as he has too much energy to begin with, so he kept us awake. I actually would spike his coffee with Valium every now and then to calm him down. It did not work.

Brazil was so fun. I stayed with tom, kai, occy, bruce, parko, troy, bede, cambo, macca, and tb.

Brazil was so fun. I stayed with tom, kai, occy, bruce, parko, troy, bede, cambo, macca, and tb. We all had the raddest time and stayed in a crypt spot. It actually hailed while we were there and Occy called it 30 min prior and we all told him he was crazy. Well I still think he is a little crazy but he knew what he was talking about. Boom that’s a keeper.

This photo should come first as it was in France, but I skipped past it.

This photo should come first as it was in France, but I skipped past it. It’s at a place called “100 Marches”. It’s the best place on earth says Tom. It’s on the cliff that looks over the water and this little outside beer shack sits on the hill and you can play Bocce ball and get chesse platters all day long. (I think Tom invested in one down at Bondi the other day.)

This is the view you get while sipping on a bier … Bloody beautiful …

This is the view you get while sipping on a bier … Bloody beautiful …

August 20, 2007


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Sted’s Blog
Yer Boyzzzz and Ladyies,
South Africa was my last event and since then I’ve come home to Sydney and have been hiding out lately in bars watching some crazy bands. I saw my sister play in her first ever live gig in Manly. I’m sure I’m biased but she was super dope.

My sis Bonnie on guitar and her friend Sam on their first gig. So cool.

My sis Bonnie on guitar and her friend Sam on their first gig. So cool.

I’ve also been watching all the Members from the Goons Of Doom play in some side projects. Last night I went and saw Vaughn Dead and Cut Throat Cowboy play in their new band The Yellow Belly Black Snakes. It was unreal. Playing some old hits like Girls Who Like Boys and some of their own songs. They’ve only been together for a few days and already sounding like they have been together for years. Love those guys.

Home time is awesome for the soul. When you’re away for so many months of the year and then you get some time off, you make the most of it. I have been so pumped to do some things that stimulate me. After a while you just need to take a break from what you do every day. I mean I’ve still been surfing almost every day but I have been surfing with Dads and school friends and best mates and it’s a different sort of surfing. You dont care if you fall off or drop in. You just surf and laugh at each other.

Have also been working for a long time on some signature thongs for Havaianas. It’s taken some serious time to get the things but it’s been worth the wait. I got the samples the other day and I’m super pumped on them. It’s been fun working on them and now I finally get to throw them on my feet.

Me and my new thongs. You know what? I’m going to start my own competition. The person who first can tell me what it says in my thong I’ll send some to. Seriously.

Me and my new thongs. You know what? I’m going to start my own competition. The person who first can tell me what it says in my thong I’ll send some to. Seriously.

I have about two weeks before Lowers starts and I’m pretty frothing now. Like Bede says in his column, being at home is like recharging the batteries. Mine are nearly fully charged. I feel like that silly bunny who bangs the drum. Boom boom boom boom!!!

July 30, 2007


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Sted’s Blog

Baywatch is pretty funny at 4am when you’re jet lagged. Really good time to punch on a couple of keys though.

J-Bay was rad although it really kind of dragged on in the end with the lack of waves so Lion parks were a good option. Mitch nearly got his faced scratched off by this 10-month-old cub. As you can see by Mitch’s face this was a close call for the commentator of the contest.

I have actually done some boxing training with Mitch and he has never moved like this before.

I have actually done some boxing training with Mitch and he has never moved like this before.

m Size 11. Do you think Mr Lion would like a pair like mine.

‘m Size 11. Do you think Mr Lion would like a pair like mine.

It was small for a while so I even went for a game of golf? I hate Golf!

It was small for a while so I even went for a game of golf? I hate Golf!

I like J Bay though. Do I have to explain why???

I like J Bay though. Do I have to explain why???

July 13, 2007


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Sted’s Blog

OK, so I got a couple of comments off my last blog about Otto’s sack, and how it’s pretty much ruining a good sunset. Well, I think he has some weird feelings for them as he cant keep them is his pants. He now thinks he has to get them as close to my face as possible. Does anyone think this is weird? Can I get a vote? Thanks


There are so many things wrong with this picture.

The dude who wrote “are you kidding there are no women in Chile” … First lesson in travelling on the tour; tell your girl, wife or lover that there are never any women anywhere. Trust me you will be allowed away more often.

When I got back from Chile I got to surf the craziest waves at ‘Ours’ I have ever surfed. The Wed when we flew in you could see the lines and the waves from the plane so you know it is big. It was by far the biggest waves ever surfed at Ours.

Koby, Mark Mathews and Richie were by far the stand outs. If you want to see the shots go to any newsagency and by a mag in a week or so. One of the shots will be on a cover for sure.

I’m in J-Bay right now. It’s my fav stop on tour for sure. The swell is supposed to pump so it’s all looking good, Oh yeah, and there are heaps of amazing women everywhere.

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