July 20, 2010


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Some really bad stand tall claims put to the best band ever in the history of music …

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July 7, 2010


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My dad, I choose to call him the ‘Guru’, had hassled me for years to pursue a unique trip to India for an enlightening treatment called Punchkarma. This treatment is a complete mind/body cleansing retreat.

Stepping off the plane in New Delhi I was heavied by thick humid air. I had no idea what to expect. Firstly, burning up aggressive highways was a gut wrenching experience in itself. Being taxied to the Maharishi Auyevadic Hospital in a pool of my own sweat, by a gracious little Indian man in his own dodgy car was crazy to say the least!

I was so shocked to see the degree of poverty. I mean, I’m aware of this country and its ridiculous over population but this was heartbreaking. It was of similar comparison to parts of Brazil I have previously travelled. We carved through endless favelas, past families that seriously slept on the dividing strips of highways. Eye opening and a major reality check.

Quickly I’ll explain Punchkarma treatments. They involve massage, oil treatments, milk baths and colonic irrigations. This paralleling with a specific diet that co-incides with particular days of your treatment. It’s all for the release of major toxins forming and building in your body.

I’ll be honest, I received 8 colonic irrigations in 6 days of stay. “Big Basti” is the major colonic and it’s a uniquely awkward experience to say the least. Filling your bowel with 1.5 litres of oil is weird!!!!!!

My first treatment was also a tad embarrassing. I enter a room in a dressing gown and there are 3 pleasantly smiling Indian men. The short stumpy man tells me to drop my gown. I’m like what the f@#k”! Naked? He nods smiling. No! I’m thinking as my parts shrink and shrivel into hiding.

Fuk it! When in Rome. So I’m nude and this happy little Indian chap proceeds to tie a fabric G-sting around my rig. This is because every morning the first treatment was a full body seasame oil massage/bath. Mind you it’s amazing.

So I’m in this hospital for seven days, I had a lot of downtime reading books, meditating and basically chilling the fuk out. It was really enjoyable but also quite obscure for me as I’ve never really not had anything to do.

It was a majorly rewarding experience. I don’t think I could recommend it for all types of people. You definitely need to have an understanding of body and mind to enjoy the benefits of a treatment such as this.

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February 18, 2009


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I love Coffee and left points … Taiwan.

Yeah peoples, been a busy start to my year already.

… Firstly, I had an amazing summer break, heading down to my beloved Tathra for the Xmas festivities, then I headed over to Bali for the new Insight Clothing advertising campaign. While I was there I bolted up to Taiwan for a quick surf trip. We scored some really fun, rippable waves.

Got back and cruised up to Forster for a manly mates trip for three days. My good mate John Warn had a holiday rental for all the boys on the beach at Boomerang. Crazy house and pumping waves out front. Cheers buddy epic couple of days.

Currently I’m gearing up for the drive from Sydney to the Goldie for the first event of the year. I’m pumped and looking forward to pulling on the singlet.

Below is a photo grouping of my travels …


My surfing buddy “The Gooch” and me, Taiwan …


The view from the lawn at Forster …


The house we had in Forster …


It was Chinese New Year in Taiwan so firecrackers were everywhere …


Our surfing posse …


My friend Arbee … thanks for the photos … crazy old bridge …


Me ripping Taiwan …


Good set ups.



October 16, 2008


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Quick blog,

Got Californicated in LA whilst there … view from hotel says enough … good times.

View from brekky.

Mad biker gang from the Pyrenees in Spain. So fun. We all hired scooters for a day and charged the Tour de France track

So fast it’s blurred.

Watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Ottz

September 2, 2008

OK kids,

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I’m currently punching out this blog from my hotel “The Marina Pacific” on Venice Beach, California. I’m here gearing up for the Boost Mobile Pro that starts Sep 7th down at Lower Trestles in San Clemente.


This has nothing to do with anything, but I want to show everyone the banging beard I grew for a memorial event that is held every year in my hometown, Tathra. I won of course (the beard off). I’m slightly drunk in the shot to celebrate the win!


This year to date has blessed the tour with some crazy waves. J-Bay was pumping, here is a little taste.


I also visited a cool lion park in South Africa. It’s heavy they’re caged up, but I feel a bit safer than if a lion rocked up to the contest. This one was all white, so rare. My teeth are scarier than a lion’s for sure.


Bali also had amazing waves. But the nightlife was almost better. This is a little get together at a fun club in Bali.

I’ll keep everyone posted on the outcome of the event …



June 22, 2008


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Won this moped in the Jim Beam Surf Tag …


It hammers, eeewwwwww.

Hi all,

Well, it’s been a decade since my last blog … sorry!!! So much has happened –
it’s halfway thru another year, the tour is in full swing, we have had some fun surf this year – I’m loving it.


Dion, up on chocks in Bali.

Around the comps I’ve been having a hell time too … Went to Bali and caught up with a good friend of mine from the South Coast, Kimo Fafie. Dion blew his foot out this day. It was really pumping tho … poor Dion.


Down home for the Cooge Classic.

I just got back from down home. We have a memorial contest every June long weekend. It’s for my dad’s mate Bruce Meaker who passed away back in 1985. It’s called the Cooge Classic. This was the first time I had been back in nine years due to other contests on at the same time. I was so stoked and grew a banging beard for the occasion.


Anyhow, enjoy and I’ll be back soon.


November 15, 2007


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Well kids, it’s been a while since my last blog … and a lot has happened. The tour is coming to a close and I’m now in Hawaii. Waves are pumping today too, wwooo.

OK, I just got back from Brazil … I had an OK trip… ha ha ha ha. I had a f#$%in super doopa all-time bangin’ trip = I got 2nd to Mick and witnessed Australia finally get a deserving world title … wwoooo.
This is what I looked like when I got on the plane

This is what I looked like when I got on the plane

We drank loads that night and partied ’til all hours. This is what I looked like when I got on the plane … I only had 40 min sleep before leaving so I felt like a shell of a human … or something.



August 16, 2007


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Yeah kids. Wow, feels like I haven’t surfed for months … since my heat at J-Bay I’ve surfed five times I think.

I had stitches in my eye after my heat with Trent. No surf for a week. I went home from there incubating the worst flu of all time. It hit me down south in Tathra and I then passed it on to all my mates down there, (sucked in, ha ha) they were spewin’! Some of them had the week off work, it was real nasty. Kept me out of the surf for 10 days too.

This is from Palm Beach in Sydney

This is from Palm Beach in Sydney, from an old series of Insight ads. This shot is part of a portfolio us boys are running on the site from photog Nathan Smith. It’ll be up in the features section next week. © Nathan Smith

I came good and went training on the Goldy but it was flat like a pancake, so no surf for that week which brings me up to now. I just got out of hospital after having my Surfer’s Ear operated on. Painful op and another two to three weeks out of the water. Tell ya what I’m going to be absolutely frothin’ for Trestles. A break always does ya good.

Old school Eels legend and south coaster Mick Cronin.

Old school Eels legend and south coaster Mick Cronin. Runs the Gerringong Hotel nowadays.

By the way, how good has the football been? Some crazy games being played coming into finals time. Go the mighty Swans!!! Go the mighty Eels!!!



July 3, 2007


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Yeah lips … OK, all you crazy kids out there, I just touched down in Sydney after a couple of really hectic weeks on the road …

Embracing Arica.

Embracing Arica.

I think my last chat was about Tahiti … Straight from there I shot thru to Bali to get all weird for the new crazy Insight advertising campaign. Now this was a really bangin’ time.

We had some really pumping swells and surfed a couple of new waves. Yes, yes there are a couple of secrets in Bali so get on your moto and search it out! My favourite part about Bali is easily the food … Umm, that’s a lie… its’ girls, then the food! But anyway I ate a lot. How cheap is it? Crazy!

go south, then left.

Chile: go south, then left.

We nailed the shoot and I bailed back to Sydney for a day then charged off to the WCT in Chile. I did a sneaky trip down south with fellow Insight team rider Luke Stedman. Geez we had a cool time down there as ya can see from Steds’ blog. The only thing that sucked was Luke trying to play guitar. He fully stinks but really thinks he can play. Nails on a chalk board.

Steds’ and his crucial pre-jam caffeine hit.

Steds’ and his crucial pre-jam caffeine hit.

Like I said, got back to Sydney today, straight of the plane and Myself, TB, T WHITS, Jimmy CLOUSE and Sponnas jetskied over to OURS but it was shit. After being away for almost the best East Coast swell I’ve heard of we tried to catch the tail end of it but got skunked. Win some, lose some. Anyhow, its now 6am and I have been awake since 2:30am … Aaarrgghhhh, jet lag!!!!!

’til next time


May 30, 2007

The Nailbiter With Cory & The Sweet 9.9.

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OK, Tahiti. First off, BOOM, amazing time at my first Teahupoo event.

Stayed with Luke Steds and Dayyan for the entire contest and we had a groovy time. We stayed with the Parker family and they have a great little establishment right on the point at Chopes.

With Steds and Dayyan stocking up with about 600 litres of water.

With Steds and Dayyan stocking up with about 600 litres of water. © Joli

The contest is like nothing I’ve been in before. Sitting out in the water is unbelievable. There are literally 30 boats and 200 people a stone’s throw from the take off. As you surf the wave you watch all the people and boats fly by while trying to negotiate a crazy pit.

I had made it to the quarter finals and billabong decided to extend the waiting period for a swell that was coming. I was up against Cory Lopez. He is real good out there and a past winner of the event. I knew it would be a tough, tough heat. I didn’t think that after the first 5 minutes of the heat I would need a combo of 17.5 though.

So, I’m sitting with priority, Cory already had two high 8pt waves and this lump rolls in. I nearly missed it, but scraped down and stood in a perfect barrel and scored an 8.77. I thought, “Right, I’m back in this.” Cory had priority but made a crucial error, paddling and standing on a really bad wave.

Deciding whether to extend the contest for good waves.

Deciding whether to extend the contest for good waves. © Joli

The door opened a little for me. Then five mins later, a bomb wave rolls in and I take a real late drop, pull in, the wave goes white, but the spit blows me thru to the channel. The judges award me a 9.9. I take the lead. Cory is not happy.

Next heat i lose to mick fanning because of a similar error like Cory. I’m that frothing though, 3rd place at Chopes … thankyou very much. No complaints…BOOM.



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