September 2, 2009


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Last month, JBay. © Joli

Time is fast approaching for the Hurley Pro at Trestles, I’ve been utilising my time between events to work on my fitness, health and nutrition … working out with various cross-training methods including long and relaxing stints on the bike. I’ve got a serious bike trainer, which makes me a whole lot more confident while cycling on the road over here. The surf’s been fairly small throughout, but it’s been good to get my head around Trestles – I like this wave. Hopefully we get a bit of swell when it’s contest time. In the mean time check my personal site,, for an archive of video and stuff.
– Jordy


May 6, 2009


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A couple of months back in Tazzy. © This pic comes from my new site, check it out.

Hey Everyone,

Have been in Bali and then headed out to Lakey Peak. There are a bunch of waves on Sumbawa and we’ve been shooting on a few of them.

Lakey Peak is a great wave and just around the corner is Periscopes, another great wave. Got to get on it early though, as the wind comes up a bit funny on Sumbawa late morning. Have been heading for Hu’u beach in East Sumbawa for a few runners.

We’ve been shooting with Kai Neville for a new movie that promises to have some sick sections. Next up is the WT event at Teahupoo. Promises to be a sick event and I am completely pumped for it. Can’t wait in fact.


Expect to see plenty of snapped boards in Tahiti in the next couple of weeks. © Joli

– Jordy

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