October 19, 2010


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I like this place. © Someguy

Hey, I’m now in Ericeira in Portugal, not too far from where I was last week in Peniche. I’ve been coming here since I was very young, when I was doing the junior contest and all, so this place is kinda special for me. There are sick waves around and it’s a very laidback city!

I just won my first heat in very small and hard conditions but managed to get a couple fun ones — was freezing cold though!

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– JF

Wandering the cobbles in the old town. © Youknowwho


September 22, 2010


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Training. © Pic from my personal site:

Hey, so cool to be back in Capbreton. Yesterday was a cool day, so good to get back in my favourite routine; surf, beach and training until your body doesn’t handle!

The surf has been flat, so small, today was not even rideable, but the weather has been amazing; warm; very sunny; but still a bit cold at night, perfect for a good night sleep!

OH and by the way congrats to every surfer in Trestles, the level was amazing. I watched the heats on demand and I really enjoyed, some good inspiration for sure … {Trestles didn’t go too well for me though, terrible result, I normally do good there. I felt good in the free surf but couldn’t get it together in my heat}

I want to be ready and confident for the Quiksilver Pro, France. This event is special for me and I want to do good.

– JF

August 16, 2010


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South Pacific smorgasbord. © All three pics from my site:


I’m sitting in Auckland airport and was wondering why I see my family only twice a year; I wish I could be home more. I only spent one week at home but it made me feel so much better. I love being home surfing perfect waves by myself, fishing all day, playing with my dogs and enjoying my family.

Being a pro surfer is probably the best job anyone could have — traveling, being in the ocean, meeting the nicest people — I only wish I could go back home more often.

I’m on my way to Tahiti, there’s a good swell coming that’s why I chose to go earlier, I have many friends there and the place is SICK so I am looking forward to it!!!

– JF


Reefy Vs Retriever.

July 9, 2010


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Hey, sorry for not updating my blog much lately but was in the Mentawai Islands for 15 days on a boat trip in the middle of nowhere, no internet, no phone, nothing … We scored some sick waves, big barrels, fun rights and lefts, we went everywhere, surfed every spot around.

I was with some of my best friends on the boat. I got to train a lot for airs and technique in the barrels and stuff! I broke five boards, broke most of them the first few days. I had such a great time there! I forgot how fun freesurfing was; no heats, no pressure, no jerseys, no scores or points. I was really missing that! I’m back in France now for only 5 days and already going to Jeffrey’s Bay to surf in the 4th event of the world tour. Have to focus again and get back in a competitive mode, it’s going to be hard !

See you soon


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May 18, 2010


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Hey it’s good to be back in France. I left in January when it was winter and snowing and now I am back and it’s getting much warmer, the waves haven’t been so good yet but I can’t wait to surf the typical powerful beachbreaks and barrels and fun peaks we usualy surf!!! I’ve been doing a few training sessions with Yannick, and just been taking care of other things ’cause I was away for a while …

If you want to see more pics from the road, then check my new site by clicking here

See ya,


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