September 10, 2009


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© Dustin

… In California, went to see Dr. G to get work done on my ankle, after surfing a lot the last two weeks it has been pretty sore.

I have been able to do a few turns lately, it’s exciting and I’m getting closer but still pretty limited on my turns. Every surf has been better than the last and I’m so fired up to be in the water again. I’m spending the next few weeks here in sunny southern California doing therapy, training and surfing as much as I can to get back to 100 percent!


© Dustin

Since I have been hurt I’ve been freaking out waiting for football season to finally start! Even though the Jags ( are getting hated on by most media out there I think they’re going to be good this year. Speaking of the Jaguars, I just got my new Jags shoes in from DVS and they are sick. This is the third run of shoes they have made for us and I think they are the coolest ones yet. Here’s a sneak peek, look out for them at the Jags games when they are killing it this year!



– Gabe


August 17, 2009


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Free entry, prizes, the spirit of competition … plus the chance to have your name up in lights when the WPS site screens up the results.

Saturday, we ran the grom contest …

The waves were small but the kids were small too and the turnout was great! Fifty-six kids ended up showing up at 10th Street in St. Augustine and I had a great time watching the next generation of rippers!

Congrats to all the winners and thank you to all the sponsors; Matix, DVS, Electric, Surf Station, Body Glove, Bullys, G-Shock and Headhunter for giving great prizes!

Here are the final results:

Boys 13-15; 1st Dylan Martini, 2nd Jon Heater, 3rd Cannon Embry, 4th Griffin Coughlin, 5th Casey Priest, 6th Ryan Bromberg.

Menehune 10-12; 1st Patrick Conklin, 2nd Tatum Renfrew, 3rd Si Greamstead, 4th Eric Westbrook, 5th Elena Sporrans, 6th Chase Stevens.

Mini-Groms 9-&-Under: 1st Shawn Arthur, 2nd Samantha Embryo, 3rd Brandon Bryant, 4th Blake Steven, 5th Chase Westbrook, 6th Angel Rodriguez.

A really fun weekend and a bigger turnout than expected, the 9-&-Under division was one to watch, with over 30 groms showing up and the competition was fierce!

Thanks to everyone who helped: Burgess with the ESA, Richie and all the judges for doing a great job! I cant wait for the 2nd annual!

– Gabe


Hanging with little buddy Mason. ©

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