March 18, 2009


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MAGIC, she buckled under my feet when back wave blasted me in the tube, going to miss her. ©

Headed to Brisbane to speak at a church tonight (wonder if anyone will be able to understand me?);
… then leaving for Sydney in the morning to be tourist with the family;
… then off to Tazzy to do the WQS which I am excited about, have never been there and will be staying a few days after the comp to check other spots out;
… then will fly to Melbourne and post up at Torquay for the Bells comp.




February 5, 2009


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Little late on the edit and it’s really hard to vid when you’re playing Rambo in the woods after these pigs, but did get some stuff that only rookies would do.



January 6, 2009


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Pretty simple really … No waves, so went to the snow for some family fun …


Don’t worry, you can stop no problem. ©


Dork. ©



October 14, 2008


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This is what a Baja dust storm looks like from space. © SeaWiFS Project/ NASA.

Flew back from Europe, saw this hurricane spinning off Baja, so the next morning I scrabbled to make it to the airstrip to jump in a little one engine Cessna, which, I thought, would be flying me down to score perfect waves.

Mundaka may have been wet but at least there were waves. © Joli

Slept in the dirt with my jacket, got blown all over the place, ate snacks for three days, and got crap waves. Scored.



August 7, 2008


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Damian Hobgood

Last week’s contest site is somewhere yonder in the distance there. © Shieldsy

Well, living the good life down in Bali, just really enjoying the beautiful place and people. Been surfing all over and then checking out town, seems like most of the surfers have stayed after the contest. Went to the Stranger Than Fiction premiere the other night and all the guys came out and was a really good time seeing everyone.

Damian Hobgood

Goofy’s paradise. No, not Goofy the dog who lives in Donald Duck’s spare room, but goofy as in those who ride right foot forward. © Shieldsy

Hopefully will keep getting fun waves around here and then I’ll be heading out on a boat trip to the Mentawais. Good times.



July 22, 2008


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Damos blog

Damo's broken board

The decent board getting souvenired by some SA groms. © Joli

Sometime things just don’t fall into place. Went to J-Bay about five days early to make sure boards would arrive and even went for the two small board bags to make sure my chances of getting one would be better. I got one, but the one with most of my boards never arrived and no one could find it. I was looking on the bright side and was happy to at least have a couple of boards.

Damos party

Getting into the swing of things back home.

I went for a couple of free surfs and one of the boards I had worked good so was amping. Then went out for my heat and caught the best wave I have ever caught at J-Bay and blew the wave and broke my good board.

My other board was pretty crap, I rode it against Mick C, got smoked, and went home with my tail between my legs. The one good thing was I was able to make my daughter’s cowgirl birthday party, which rocked the barn.



July 8, 2008


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The coastline in Nicaragua is as amazing as the waves are.

The coastline in Nicaragua is as amazing as the waves are.

Well, been surfing a lot lately which is a great thing. I was hanging in California and had some really fun waves then went down to Nicaragua with Timmy Reyes and we had a great time. Just have really been enjoying being in the water.

There are certainly some crazy line-ups in Central America

There are certainly some crazy line-ups in Central America

Looking forward to J-Bay, leave on Saturday with most of the guys in the US. South Africa is a neat place and look forward to getting down there but not really looking forward to the flight it is one of the longest one we have all year.

Worth the long flight.

Worth the long flight.



June 9, 2008


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Just got back from Fiji and the waves were good when we first got
there but went downhill pretty quick.


The last day at Cloudbreak. © Gallegos

Amped to go do some surfing. There’s some south swell coming to Central America so I’m going to tryand get on some trips and do a lot of surfing – really feel like I haven’t surfed that much lately and want to get all surfed out.



April 21, 2008


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Damien Hobgoods Blog

Well, don’t know where to start, but basically hadn’t had good waves in a while and was amping to get barrelled. So, during our break, was looking on the map for the best place to get that fix.

Tahiti looked like the best bet so was going there for 3 days then coming back home. The second day I was there was just what I was looking for – 6-8 feet no
wind and perfect swell direction.


Editor’s note: Damien’s had a bittersweet relationship with Teahupoo in the past. In the 2005 final he had to pull out midway after a dislocated shoulder (pictured). In 2007, he won the thing.

Got out in the water at about 7am and was planning on surfing all day. It came to about 3pm and took off on this stupid wave and broke my board and got washed in to the lagoon so was pretty mad at my self. Came back out pretty bummed at myself and then ended up doing something even dumber …

Don’t really know exactly what I was thinking except probably should have done
anything but what I did; hesitated on this wave, thought I could get out of it, got sucked over the falls, went straight into reef, knew I hit hard and knew that something had happened.

Hit my head pretty hard so was just trying to stay with it until I got out of the impact zone. Went to hospital to make sure everything was okay, and it was, besides some broken bones.

I took the next flight out and went and saw Dr. Kramer who said I fractured three parts of my scapula but I wouldn’t need surgery which I was really happy with.

Felt like things could have been way worse and in hindsight maybe shouldn’t have stayed out so long because was getting pretty tired, and not thinking properly isn’t good out there.



April 1, 2008

Return To Oz

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Gold Coast secret spot.

Gold Coast secret spot. © Joli

Just got back to the States after almost two months in Oz. Had a great time and got some pretty fun waves. The Goldy was good but think the place is too crowded now. Think it could well be the most crowded place in the world!

At the Superbank

At the Superbank, space in the water was at such a premium, my brother and Kelly were forced to hit the same lips at the same time. © Joli

After the comp I went to Sydney and had a great old time with the family and caught all sorts of waves … thought it was pretty funny that I was going to the largest city in Australia to escape the Goldy crowds.

It was mostly warm at Bells

It was mostly warm at Bells, there were only a couple of chilly and blustery days (like this shot) the whole time we were there. ©Dusty Springfield

After a week there we went down to Melbourne for the next comp and didn’t totally know what to expect since we were there really early in the year and heard there hadn’t been waves for a while down there. To our surprise, just as we arrived, the weather started changing and the waves were pretty fun the whole time we were down there. Wasn’t too cold either.

Had a great time in Oz, always love spending time down there, it’s a great country and I feel blessed to go there every year.



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