February 11, 2009


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Tony Blair ruled and Obama prayed. ©

Was in Washington DC at the National Prayer Breakfast, with an estimated 3400 others from 182 countries. It’s a sea of political peeps. There’s a house, some cabinets, senators, prime ministers and a president.

Tony Blair went silly, definitely one of the best speakers I’ve ever witnessed. Obama did his thing and nailed it but Tony stole the show.


Oh, and I got my camera taken away. ©

The head dude from Kenya was at my table for brekky; met the head dude from Sri Lanka; senator from Florida … well, I know you mad huis don’t care and I don’t care about their titles either. Sorry for the pictures as like I said they really weren’t having cameras in the ballroom.


Tourista in America’s capital. ©

Going for tourist stuff. Had to get out of this suit, had been in it for way tooooo long.


BLAH, Blah Blah! ©

Blah blah blah! Went to my high school and told them “If you love what you do, it will take care of you.”


Damo: “C, your style looks pretty rank on that thing.” ©

And just for the record … Tow-ats on a wake skate DOES NOT WORK.




October 14, 2008


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Mundaka came back to life during the Billabong Pro event. © Joli

What’s going on? Without fail — for like three years in a row – Mundaka ends and the waves pump for a week …

Me, Benny, Dion and Yadin surfed our brains out for the last few days. Good thing is after a month in France you have a semi handle on the bars’ direction, size, and what not, to make a somewhat educated decision and try to nail the windows.

France: Had a blast, I love that place! © Joli

We did a pretty good job except for one of the days when I swear we checked every spot between Zarautz and Bordeaux.

Me and Benny got a flight to Portugal for the World Games on Sunday where we competed today in (no lie) really fun and super-rippable waves — tripping.

And now Portugal: checking the waves and scene around Lisbon. © Gago

Looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us, the Aussies, Tahitians, Brasilians and South Africans are blowing up.

Should be fun.


November 13, 2007


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CJ Hobgood

Stunk it up pretty hard in Brazil — 17th — pretty rank. I was sitting at 12 and wanted to try and get into top 10 when I left Brazil but I ended up dropping two spots. Not good, we’ll see how Hawaii goes.

I know everyone wants to here about the ladies and the nightlife down there in Brazil but you honestly can’t describe it, there are not words.

Got home on Wed. super-stoked as I know I get to hang with Genevieve until I leave on Sunday morning. I had a great time this week as Thursday I went out with my friends and got to catch up with them which is always good because I don’t get to see them enough.

With Corey, “Gaybo King” and Bobby on the Muscle Beach Dream Tour, Brazil.

With Corey, “Gaybo King” and Bobby on the Muscle Beach Dream Tour, Brazil.

Friday and Saturday was the Sean Slater Invitational: to raise money for cancer.

Waves were pretty small but me and Genevieve had a great time playing on the beach. It was pretty cool ’cause Kelly, Corey and me all ended up in the 3-man final.

Main reason why it was so cool is it meant most of the money went to charity as we agreed at the beginning to give all our $ to charity. Which ended up being 5,500 between us, plus some dude donated 20,000 dollars on the beach.

So who cares about the waves right? Wrong. Kelly hates to lose. Even though the waves were 1 foot, I comboed those suckers. Prob shouldn’t say that as next time I get Kelly in a heat he will prob go crazy on me. Whatever, it was all fun and we had a great time talking crap in the final.

There was a get together at Kelly’s house that night and then we all went out in Cocoa Beach afterwards. Good times. I’m in Cali at Damo’s house organizing boards, then off to The Rock later on this afternoon.



October 17, 2007


 Gallic Goodies

Gallic Goodies © Sarge

I’ve been hanging in France with Dion Agius filming with Kai Neville and trying to get a section going for Taylor Steele’s new movie. Just bolting down to Spain when the comps on as I cant stay down there, it does my head in. You don’t surf enough there and the waves have been fun in France.

Dane Reynolds rocked in the other day and is on the same programme. I’ve seen the waves that Kai already has of Dane and it’s enough to make you want to quit surfing! Kai’s friend Beren has also been filming with Dion for his web episodes that he has on the website that’s been pretty funny as well.
Not too much for words right now but good times have been had.

Peace Ceej

September 4, 2007

Ou est CJ

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The signs are all looking good for the CT in a few weeks.

The signs are all looking good for the CT in a few weeks. © Sarge.

I got back from France, for two weeks anyway. At least there were waves the whole time but only saw the sun one day. That means the weather is going to be sick for the CT’s in September. I did pretty average in Lacanau ran into Dayyan Neve who I thought was surfing the best I’d ever seen him surf and was one of the best surfers in the event. He just ran into the other best surfer of the event in the semis (Jordy Smith). And I’m not just saying that cause he beat me. Then the first half of the Rip Curl Super Series event was more like a triathlon than a surf contest. With the wind, rain, current and the waves it was pretty hard to get psyched up. But when you had a look at the points they were giving away in this event and it felt like you were stealing, like it wasn’t fair. But that’s the way the system is everyone’s trying to get there head around it even the numbers dude Al Hunt. No one knows where the cut off is going to be. I guess we’ll find out at Sunset. I got third at Hossegor but my minds always been looking at Trestles. Back at home I’m a single daddy this week as the wife has been gone. Going to Cali on the 2nd to start early trying out boards and get into the groove.


August 7, 2007


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From Hero to Zero … still can’t figure out surfing. At the US Open I finally made it into a man-on-man heat in a ‘QS event. The pier was busy with too many people drinking energy drinks with spray on tattooes.

No luck in Japan but did OK in Cali.

No luck in Japan but did OK in Cali. © Shieldsy.

Winning there was bittersweet. I’ve competed in HB for 10 years waiting for that day. My wife and daughter pushed through the masses to watch each day and cheer me on.

Feeling great about that event I headed to Japan for a shocking-ly bad time. I lost first heat and was in the country for only two days … My Japanese visa to get in took longer. That’s surfing. Home sweet home for a week and then off to France. Fingers crossed.


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