May 30, 2008


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Our temporary island home. © Waltze

Our temporary island home. © Waltze

Well, it’s our third lay day in a row here on Namotu Island and life is slowly grinding to a halt, or Fijian time.

We hit the ground running last Saturday, straight into an epic swell and three straight days of great waves to kick off the event.

Kelly went bananas at perfect 4-6' restaurants and put everyone on notice that he's here for business!

Kelly went bananas at perfect 4-6′ restaurants and put everyone on notice that he’s here for business!
© Servais

A slow year for waves last year, but 2008 has a little buzz about it after scoring in Tahiti and now Tavarua. Things are looking promising for the finals too with a long-range groundswell meant to kick here late Sunday. I can’t wait!

So the days until then will be filled with more stand up paddle boarding; sailing (oh my god, I can’t believe I’ve never tried this sport it’s so fun!); fishing (Joel has just wandered into camp with a 40 pd yellowfin!); staying away from the big Kava bowl; a little training to stay sharp; and just generally loafing around the pool and talking story.

Namotu sunrise

Namotu sunrise

It’s time to go and claim a spot by the pool for the midday session … thanks for your time and don’t forget to check out all the action online!


PS: Forgot to mention Occy’s stellar two hour solo sessions on the Karaoke … wow!


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