July 7, 2010


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My dad, I choose to call him the ‘Guru’, had hassled me for years to pursue a unique trip to India for an enlightening treatment called Punchkarma. This treatment is a complete mind/body cleansing retreat.

Stepping off the plane in New Delhi I was heavied by thick humid air. I had no idea what to expect. Firstly, burning up aggressive highways was a gut wrenching experience in itself. Being taxied to the Maharishi Auyevadic Hospital in a pool of my own sweat, by a gracious little Indian man in his own dodgy car was crazy to say the least!

I was so shocked to see the degree of poverty. I mean, I’m aware of this country and its ridiculous over population but this was heartbreaking. It was of similar comparison to parts of Brazil I have previously travelled. We carved through endless favelas, past families that seriously slept on the dividing strips of highways. Eye opening and a major reality check.

Quickly I’ll explain Punchkarma treatments. They involve massage, oil treatments, milk baths and colonic irrigations. This paralleling with a specific diet that co-incides with particular days of your treatment. It’s all for the release of major toxins forming and building in your body.

I’ll be honest, I received 8 colonic irrigations in 6 days of stay. “Big Basti” is the major colonic and it’s a uniquely awkward experience to say the least. Filling your bowel with 1.5 litres of oil is weird!!!!!!

My first treatment was also a tad embarrassing. I enter a room in a dressing gown and there are 3 pleasantly smiling Indian men. The short stumpy man tells me to drop my gown. I’m like what the f@#k”! Naked? He nods smiling. No! I’m thinking as my parts shrink and shrivel into hiding.

Fuk it! When in Rome. So I’m nude and this happy little Indian chap proceeds to tie a fabric G-sting around my rig. This is because every morning the first treatment was a full body seasame oil massage/bath. Mind you it’s amazing.

So I’m in this hospital for seven days, I had a lot of downtime reading books, meditating and basically chilling the fuk out. It was really enjoyable but also quite obscure for me as I’ve never really not had anything to do.

It was a majorly rewarding experience. I don’t think I could recommend it for all types of people. You definitely need to have an understanding of body and mind to enjoy the benefits of a treatment such as this.

By the way, check out more details and clips at my personal blog:


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