December 21, 2009


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Greg (arr, on the right) at Duranbah earlier this year. There are probably some things he won’t miss about the tour. © Joli

So, I’ve just left Hawaii, just landed in LAX, three hours here, then off to Washington, then onto Johannesburg and finally onto Durban. Obviously, for me, my year didn’t turn out the way I planned at the beginning result-wise, but I still had a bloody fun year. Waves weren’t the best, we pretty much got skunked a lot this year on the CT, but it was really good to finish the year off in pumping waves at Pipe. And one massive congrats to Mick for claiming his 2nd Word Title, big ups to him for pulling that off!

SO, I guess I’m back on the ‘QS grind next year, which is fine ’cause I learnt a lot this year and hopefully that will pay off in 2010 … And also want to send a shout out to Greg Emslie, thanks for all the good times, great inspiration and helping me out so much on tour, good luck with your next chapter, sure you won’t be missing those 18 hour flights and layovers … Enjoy the retirement from pro surfing!

Greg probably won’t be missing endless, mindless hours at the likes of Dulles airport in Washington.

Anyways, I’m off to have a fun few weeks at home with the family before it all starts up again next year. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year and here’s to a cracker 2010!




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