November 30, 2009


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Hi Again….
Us Aussies don’t have Thanksgiving but I wish we did. It’s like Christmas, all the food you can eat, a few beers and a great vibe. Hope you enjoy a ride around the Thanksgiving vibe at the Oakley house.
Cheers and beers.
Tom Whits.


November 24, 2009


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Some random shots from the phone.

Greg and me at the LA Lakers game the other day, fuck these guys are big.


Chillin’ by the pool in San Diego for the weekend. Was back to the physio soon after.

My dog ‘Pingo’ is letting everyone know what he thinks about the dog restrictions on the beach.

Was trying out a new 6’1 Semente at Peniche, it felt good but it only lasted for three waves in the 6 feet offshore waves. Booo.

Portugal; tender juicy steak with a nice cold Sagres for dinner.

Whoop! All good in Peniche. There was still time for a little game of golf with Q-Ball and Pipo!

November 17, 2009


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Pipe. © Joli

I’m on my way to Hawaii, we’ve got an amazing world title showdown about to unfold in front of us at Pipe and my mind is just full of all of those amazing waves we had last North Shore winter. My mood has obviously been helped along by my recent run of results which has got me back into a position to achieve my goal for this year – finishing inside the Top 5.

I’ve had a chance to freshen up at home on the Goldie after the Search in Portugal and I’m frothing about what might lie ahead in Oahu. The Triple Crown is going to be awesome.

Having that little “mini-circuit” at the end of the Dream Tour is a nice carrot at the end of the season for the guys who are out of the running for the world title — and that’s all of us bar Mick and Joel!

That carrot’s pretty big this year too. It’s a nice cash prize but I still reckon the prestige of being a Triple Crown winner is something money can’t buy. If I can repeat my 2007 Crown success again, I’ll be stoked.

But most eyes are rightfully going to be on Joel and Mick. Australia wins either way because we get to bring the world champion home with us at the end of the Pipe Masters. It’s going to be an awesome show as the title comes down to the wire.

Mick has the upper hand — but not by much. Both guys have made finals at Pipe so it’s anyone’s still. I’d love to replicate my 2007 success at Pipe because not only would it cement that top 5 finish I want and prime me for a big campaign next year, I will have also achieved my other goal of winning at least
one event per year.

I’ve done that the last three years running, so the pressure’s on at Pipe!
My recent run gives me some confidence, though. I last blogged after the event in France where Mick beat me in the final. I followed that with a 5th at Mundaka and then reaching the final in Portugal against Mick yet again. So I can’t be too bummed. Two seconds in France and Portugal, a third at Trestles and a fifth at Mundaka gave me the consolidating run through California and Europe that I needed.

It was a bonus to also be involved in one of the more memorable tour days. I’m talking about the third round and quarter final day at the Search.

We’d missed the best surf in years at Mundaka by a week so everybody was amping for Portugal.

We had fun waves before the event started. There are so many set-ups there and that coast gets so much swell. Everyone was stoked to be surfing some good waves because we hadn’t had much the rest of the European leg.

I felt right at home among the punchy beach breaks. Growing up on Straddie Island, we encounter those sorts of waves all the time. The only bummer is they are board breakers too! I snapped my favourite board on my first wave in my heat with Marlon Lipke. I was so bummed. It was the magic board I won in Brazil last year and that I had used in the final in France. I loved that board!

Peniche. © Joli

It was hard to get my head around it for a couple of minutes there but then I said to myself: “I’ll get another magic one”, and got on with the heat.

The third round and quarter finals were pretty insane. We scored some of the best waves of the year in round three. There were a lot of closeouts in the quarters but the odd perfect one would sneak through. It was one of those that saved me in my quarter with Jordy. That’s a heat I’ll definitely remember. I knew he would be fired up to beat me because I had knocked him out in the last comp the week before. And sure enough he had me on the ropes and just about beat. I needed a 9.67 to win, which is pretty much a 10. But I just had this weird feeling that if I was patient I was going to get it. Luckily this bomb came through and it went to plan. That wave – and being awarded a 10 – was such a rush. And the crowd made it even better. They were insane to surf in front of, probably the best I’ve seen on tour. They made it so much more exciting to surf.

My semi clash with Parko is also something I’ll remember for a long time. I knew it was going to take a big heat to overcome Joel given he was obviously back in top form. The swell had dropped off from the previous day but it still looked fun. Joel got a couple of good scores early then the wind changed halfway through the heat and just went to crap. I needed something like a 7.8 and I couldn’t see much hope of that given how the barrels at the start of the heat had pretty much disappeared. Time was ticking down and this left came. Parko didn’t go it and I thought ‘I’ll just go it and see what happens’. It turned into a 7.3 and then I only needed a 5.5. I paddled back out and pretty much got nearly the same score. If only all heats went that well!

The conditions were even worse for the final. Mick and I were both scrambling for whatever we could find. It was really hard to find a wave that ran off and let you get in a few turns. I fell on a good wave and that probably cost me the final. But it was still good to finish on a high note after a good trip.

Bring on Hawaii!

– Bede

November 10, 2009


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With Mushy and Greg at Lagido in Portugal. © Joli

I know it’s been a while since my last post, a bit has happened. Did a two week stint in Portugal for the final leg of our Euro invasion: Supertubes came to life and there were some serious waves on hand. I’m back home now, feels really good to be back with the family in my own bed after two and a half months on the road. But that’s part of the job! I’ve got about three weeks until I head off for Pipe.

So it’s all about getting the right training in now before I jet off, get the lungs ready for some possible beat downs, get the confidence up to push myself just that much more, it’s an El Nino year so there could be some serious swells for this season. They’ve actually already had some serious waves hit the North Shore this winter and November has only just started!

If anything interesting happens while I’m home, will post it on the blog ( Hopefully I can get some waves while I’m home cause I’ve actually had no waves at all this year. Missed all the swells that have hit Durban and when I’ve been on the road for events, we’ve pretty much had bad waves all year round too. So if you know of any good waves around, let me know!

Peace out,



Supertubes shot by Greg Pearson ©


November 3, 2009


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This was my first trip back from injury. Maybe if I missed this one I would not be injured again. Hahahahahahaha, no seriously I should have sat this one out. Two weeks of sleeping in tents, driving in a double decker bus from pub to pub watching live bands, surfing shit waves, hanging with hell crew having a hell time. Hang on a second. I would not miss this for the world. Injuries heal, missing out on this stuff you never get back.

This is Otto …

… and my new hero, Dion. He is the bus driver, the skate ramp builder and the man gets shit done. I want to be just like him one day …

The boys watching the skaters in the bowl at dusk.



The Bus from Hell.

AS you can see we were all having a really crap time while we watched MGMT live at Splendour In The Grass.

This is Warren Smith. This is his neck with hickies all over it. He is also not gay.

The man.

This is Steve Gorrow. He did most of the paintings on the bus, put the trip together and does all the artwork for Insight. Pretty much single-handedly made this trip happen. Well almost.

Otto became Crocodile Dundee as the trip came into the final days and he caught a huge croc in the gully that ran behind this back beach at Forster.

The Man again!!!!!!



It got a lil weird at times.

– LS

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