October 11, 2009


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“Yeah Yeah Yeahs … “


One of my most fav bands in the world, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were playing while the Trestles contest in LA was on and one of my good buddies hooked me up with some tickets.

I had no idea where we were going to be seated and did not care one lil bit. Was just so excited to have the op to get there in the first place. The night just got that much better when we asked the guy who worked at the Greek Theatre where our seats were and he pointed at this booth below. I looked at TB and he had the same expression on his face when he won J bay and that was a few years ago. Have not seen it since then either. Hahahahah, kidding hui.


The Team:
– Me and my girl,
– TB and Steph,
– Johny and Sasha,
That’s Steph trying to fly kick Johny in the face. I think she is looking for a Bra Boys tatt or a postcode or some sort of cred from him. Maybe she is just over him being the 3rd wheel …



The Greek Theatre was the best venue I have ever been to. Did not matter where you sat, you had good vision of the band and could enjoy the atmosphere that this place had to offer. It’s fully outdoor which is great. The only thing I could ask for more is volume. I like it when I feel the music rattle my bones. So that’s why straight after the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, me and my lady drove across LA to the Viper Room and watched The Goons play really, really, really loud … Nothing better than seeing your boys play rock and roll, well, loud, loud noise.


Ozzzzzzzzzz, Blakey, Tim and Cow are The Goons.

We also went to Disneyland the next day at 8:30am. Real smart move. The girls were hurting and so was I and that’s why I’m not in any of these shots.

– LS


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