September 16, 2009


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“The biggest schlong on tour?”


… Day 2 action from the Hurley Pro Trestles … Had a couple of close heats but came though with the wins …


September 10, 2009


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© Dustin

… In California, went to see Dr. G to get work done on my ankle, after surfing a lot the last two weeks it has been pretty sore.

I have been able to do a few turns lately, it’s exciting and I’m getting closer but still pretty limited on my turns. Every surf has been better than the last and I’m so fired up to be in the water again. I’m spending the next few weeks here in sunny southern California doing therapy, training and surfing as much as I can to get back to 100 percent!


© Dustin

Since I have been hurt I’ve been freaking out waiting for football season to finally start! Even though the Jags ( are getting hated on by most media out there I think they’re going to be good this year. Speaking of the Jaguars, I just got my new Jags shoes in from DVS and they are sick. This is the third run of shoes they have made for us and I think they are the coolest ones yet. Here’s a sneak peek, look out for them at the Jags games when they are killing it this year!



– Gabe

September 8, 2009


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Victorious TBC © All pics from me and Robo’s site:

Torquay Boardriders Club just took out the state title with a pretty epic ‘come from behind’ victory. TBC needed to win the last heat and Phillip Island Boardriders needed to get 4th for a TBC win. It happened. Check the shots.


The crappiest but most prestigious trophy in Victorian surfing.


The Juc fired as per usual. Word is that the 2010 Rip Curl Search event will be out here.


“Team Awesome”, post win. Robo, Jack Pez, me, J Hawk.


{Bargain art!! Photography hasn’t become a hobby of mine, but this is one of my most arty pieces. I like to call this one ‘Sleeping Man With Hand On Balls And A Bit Of Garbage’.}

– Mushy

September 2, 2009


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With Dooma and Barry in CA. ©

It’s Saturday arvo, I’m here in California, and it’s hot. Summer is still in full effect here! Had some really fun waves at Lowers yesterday with my Saffa friends, Barry Wolins and Damien ‘Dooma’ Fahrenfort. I swear that wave is possibly the most rippable wave in the world. It was such a treat to surf good waves on my first day in Cali; 3-4′ smackable lips, water was really warm, crowd was fairly thin, sun was out. All in all, a good day at the beach …

Spent three days beforehand in North Carolina with the Wolins family, they just recently relocated there from South Africa and it was really rad to see them nice and settled into their new home and environment. Tell you what, where I went to was a whole lot different to what I expected, in a good way. Really beautiful spot, good people and great break.

So I’m here now in Cali, be here until the 20th Sep. Out for the Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles. Have about two weeks now until it starts, so a good amount of time to try boards out and get used to the waves here. I must admit, I always enjoy coming out to the States, have a bunch of really good friends here, always have a good time and do sometimes get good waves.

If anything interesting happens in the next few days, will post it. Otherwise, all good in the hood here, looking forward to getting a few more lips and ramps out at lowers before most of the crew get here for the event, keep it real …

– Davey

Here’s a clip from Durban last year shot by Elton Fursman

EP 9

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Yes, we have been lagging with our posts! Now we have a new episode from hanging around home the last three weeks. We did a pretty classic skit at the start.


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Last month, JBay. © Joli

Time is fast approaching for the Hurley Pro at Trestles, I’ve been utilising my time between events to work on my fitness, health and nutrition … working out with various cross-training methods including long and relaxing stints on the bike. I’ve got a serious bike trainer, which makes me a whole lot more confident while cycling on the road over here. The surf’s been fairly small throughout, but it’s been good to get my head around Trestles – I like this wave. Hopefully we get a bit of swell when it’s contest time. In the mean time check my personal site,, for an archive of video and stuff.
– Jordy

September 1, 2009


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© All pics:

Summer is one of the four seasons of temperate zones. It begins with the summer solstice, and ends with the autumn equinox. Summer is characterized by having longer days and more sunlight inclination, and the highest temperatures of the year …

The waves are not normally very good, not to mention the yellow flags of blackball, and other crap like; if you get caught riding a bike or skateboard along the seawall from the beach, you’ll be fined; parking inspectors will be on your back, watching every 5 minutes …

Why are we so fond of summer and why does no one take a vacation in September?

I’m writing from the Azores, the island of Sao Miguel to be precise. It’s the first time the WQS has wrapped up in these islands and the truth is, it has been a success. The waves have hardly stopped pumping. The WT at Lowers also approaches, which will start the second half of the season.

I’ll leave you with some photos …

– Aritz








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