August 13, 2009


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There was a lot of sand on the rocks so it was barrelling more then normally it does there. I felt like I was surfing a point-break back on the Gold Coast. © Joli

Hey everybody,

It’s interesting times in pro surfing right now so I thought I would clock in.

J-Bay turned it on at the last contest. It was absolutely pumping. The key swell only lasted three days but it was epic. I felt right at home in my round two heat against Greg Emslie who is always so dangerous at J-Bay. Greg and I both got some good barrels and it was a close heat. But luckily for me I was able to pip him at the end.

My next heat on the final day was in totally different conditions. The swell dropped off and the wind was up early. I was against Damo Hobgood who is always a formidable competitor. He got the better of me but it was a super close heat. I needed a 6.9 on my last wave but came up just short with a 6.5.

Damo went on to finish second to Parko and he is having a great year. Parko was definitely the form surfer of the event. His style suits J-Bay perfectly and he was pretty much untouchable from the opening heat.

To be honest, I’m surprised he hasn’t won J-Bay more times with the way he surfs out there. He’s unbelievable. After J-Bay, I was keen to refresh the head. So I spent two weeks at home before heading to Bali where I’m currently having a break ahead of the European contests.

It was so good to be at home after being away for a month. I caught up with Elko a few times and got stuck back into my training. I also got some new boards off my shaper, Wayne McKewen, which I’m fine-tuning here in Bali. Bali has got to be the best place in the world to come for a holiday — it’s got everything!

Outside of J-Bay and the world title race, the big talk has been about the possibility of a new tour next year. Many of us aren’t yet aware of the final detail but I have a feeling that whatever develops will ultimately be good for surfing.

Frankly, there is a need for some things to change. I only really know what has come out in the media and I’m sure a lot of that is just speculation. Nothing official has emerged from the ASP yet. I’m guessing that is because both parties are still trying to work things out. I hope that happens because that is the ideal scenario. If the organisers of the new tour can work in with ASP, I believe we will get the best outcome for pro surfing.

One last note … it has been reported recently that my sponsor Mada had dropped me. That’s not right. Unfortunately, Mada has been gobbled up by the worldwide economic recession. It was a real bummer seeing that happen to a good company but I met some good people and made some life-long friends via my association with them. Maybe if we get a new tour I’ll have the opportunity to surf for a new major sponsor.

– Bede



  1. Good on you for giving us comments from an insiders point of view.

    Crazy times when one of the best competition surfers currently on the planet has not got a sponsor.

    I guess that it just means you will have to go out and win Trestles again.

    Good Luck.

    Comment by SD — August 17, 2009 @ 6:25 am

  2. Go Bede! Keep sticking it to ’em sponsor or not. Your surfing is impeccable and I can´t beleive tht both you and Bobby are without clothing sponsors. Time for those brands to step it up.

    Comment by Dan — September 29, 2009 @ 12:34 pm

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