August 27, 2009


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Let’s keep it clean and green. @copy; Joli

Hey, I’ve just signed up as ambassador for Enviroweek. I’d love it if you guys got involved too, you don’t need to be a greenie to be green. It just makes good sense to take care of our life support system — our environment. It’s not about sacrifice, it’s about living smarter.

Who wants to breathe foul air, swim in polluted water, and live on a poisoned planet? This is your chance to make a world of difference. Head to now and get some tips on how you can help the environment. You can also take up an Enviroweek challenge. My challenge is to install solar hot water heating at my house.

You can sponsor me or a friend or even set up your own fundraising page. All the proceeds will go to the not-for-profit environmental organisation of your choice. Enviroweek runs from October 11-17, but get to the website now and get busy raising awareness and funds.


– Mick



August 25, 2009


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Somewhere on the Nusa Tenggara peninsula. © Check some video from the trip on my personal site

It’s a two-hour drive from Deserts back to the airport. The swell had passed and we needed a ride. We jumped in with a couple of our friends and started driving. Everyone who’s been to Indonesia knows that local drivers are crazy and the rules of the road are, there are no rules.

Our driver, let’s call him “John”, was doing a great job until we found ourselves suddenly heading down the wrong way of a one way street. Quickly realizing what he’d done, John pulled to the side and began turning around.

Moments later I hear a bang on the hood and sure enough it was the cops. It all happened so fast that I wasn’t sure what was going on. Andrew was yelling, “Fuck this guy, let’s go. Go. Go”. Our other buddy, lets call him “Alex”, was saying the same. So, John stepped on the gas and bailed.

Laughing hysterically we thought we were home free, the cop was on foot and unless he was the terminator there was no way he was catching up with us. Or so we thought.

Turns out his partner was across the street sitting on his scooter watching the whole thing. We still had a chance to get away if we had pulled down a few side streets or didn’t have the only car on the road with four board bags strapped to the roof. Being the terrible getaway artists we are we ended up getting pulled over about a mile and a half from the scene of the crime.

Surprisingly the cop wasn’t that pissed, I guess that shit happens everyday. We told him we’re stupid foreigners and did what any other stupid foreigner would do in this situation, offer the man some cold hard cash.

But, he wouldn’t take it, just told us to follow him to see his superior officer. That’s when shit stopped being funny, what the fuck did we get ourselves into.


Smokies. © Dion

Things got quiet in the car as we followed the scooter cop, then Alex says “Shit, I got some weed in my bag”. At first it was funny, like holy shit could things get any worse, we’re going to jail. Then Alex was all bummed because good weed is hard to come by in Indo, but we all knew tossing it was the right thing to do. With the cop in front of us constantly looking in his rear view mirror, it was difficult to just toss it out the window. With a frown on his face Alex managed to get rid of it without the cop seeing. May that lost bag of weed be found by someone who really appreciates it, amen.

We get to a little police hangout where two officers are waiting and are told to stay in the car while John goes and talks to his superior. Meanwhile, our Indonesian hook-up is on his way to bail our asses out. He gets there and within 5 minutes John’s back in the car and we’re on our way to the airport. Our hearts and emotions are still racing so we unload the car and head for the nearest bar. We even find a tall blond hottie who wants to join us for drinks, even offers to buy the first round. You gotta love Indo, never a dull moment.

– Freddy P

August 21, 2009


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Stop #1: South Africa

Back to Durban for the second time this year, well, 30 minutes north of Durban, a little place called Ballito. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ballito as I’d never been there before, I’d only ever been to Durban, J-Bay and Capetown.

My first impression was it seemed like not a bad place on land, and a bit of a close out in the water. There was heaps of swell for the first three days of the event, the second day had some massive scores go down, even a 10 I think.

But the surf before the event was something else! Before the wind came up there were some crazy right barrels with guys like Dan Ross and Mark Mathews getting some crazy ones. It was so consistent and the bank so straight that it was really hard to even make it out the back. It took me and Nathan Hedge two attempts before we managed to get out!

Jack (Perry) began paddling out for his heat 20 minutes before it started and nobody in his heat made it out until five minutes into his heat,  it was just so consistent. By the time my heat came around, the swell had dropped quite a bit but I managed to have a good first heat, I started strong and backed it up almost straight away with another good score. I was pretty nervous because I was riding a new board in my heat, not a brand spanker but it was the first time in a long time I hadn’t just ridden my old favourite Bells board.

My second heat didn’t quite go to plan, by this stage the swell had dropped a whole lot more and the swell had completely ruined anything close to a bank. I had a shocker and got 4th in a really low scoring heat. I was spewing because they called the comp off for the day right after my heat due to bad conditions.
But there’s plenty more events so off to the next one.

Stop #2: Brazil

So the next stop was two events in Brazil. I’ve never really liked Brazil that much.  The waves are just really difficult to surf unless you are from there which makes it really hard to get a result there.

The first comp was at Florianopolis, where we stayed at Praie Mole right on the beach, I was staying with Jack Perry and Dion Atkinson which was pretty fun. I did no good in the event which was a bummer. Actualy felt like I surfed a really good heat under the circumstances. When you have two Brazillians content on a heat score of around 9 and then sit on you for 13 minutes it’s pretty DAMN frustrating. I felt I did all the right things to rid myself of my Brazillian backpack and almost got the score I needed where I did an alley oop.  But it wasn’t enough so I packed up and onto the next one!

The second event was about two hours drive north of Rio, again the waves were really difficult to surf and I was knocked out in my first heat. I fell on a wave which would have gotten me through the heat. So I’m not going to write much about this one because I’m simply choosing to forget about it.


Stop #3 : Huntingon Beach, USA

I love the week we get in Huntington and due to my early exit in Brazil I was able to hit the USA early for a few waves and finally I could order a meal and know exactly what I was getting, this was a hard thing to do in Brazil as I speak no Portuguese. Jack and I both arrived in the states and went straight to the best burger joint known to man: In-N-Out Burger! Damn it was good!

We just surfed around Huntington and Newport for a few days even getting down to Oceanside for a wave. It was sick fun just cruisin’ around getting in some surfs before the event.

I had a great first heat against Chris Ward and Evan Geisselman,  it was a close heat with Wardo boosting all over the place and opening with a high 7. I got busy and ended up with a 5.8 and a 7. After the previous two weeks I had, I was happy to make a heat and feel like I was surfing up to scratch again.

I lost in my second heat two days later, which sucked, but when CJ Hobgood opens with two massive scores and Dan Ross opens with a 9-something I had my back against the wall. I started the heat OK but didn’t have that wave that would allow me to get a score in that excellent range. I tried to change it up and sit by the pier where Dan and CJ got their good scores but as it does in Huntington the peak kind of moved from the pier to up the beach.

Either way it was a sick comp to watch, Kelly was surfing amazing! Just totally going mental! He was riding some different equipment when it was small, a little four fin which was flying in the mush. If you want to check out his first two heats on his little four fin check out some of the older posts on Nic and my website,

By the way, if you wanna check out a full resource that a lot of us on the WQS use, go to; check the accommodation section, it can help you with all best and cheapest places to stay when you’re travelling pretty much anywhere.

– Robbo

August 19, 2009


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African animals, JBay, and Mormaii HQ …







All pics:


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These are my latest sticks I just picked up in France. They are all pretty much the same, 6 0 x 18 1/4 x 2 5/16 shaped by Mark Phipps. I’m trying to find the magic one before the next WCT at Trestles.

– Mushy


{By the way, me and Adam Robbo have a new site,, Check it out.} © Joli

August 17, 2009


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Free entry, prizes, the spirit of competition … plus the chance to have your name up in lights when the WPS site screens up the results.

Saturday, we ran the grom contest …

The waves were small but the kids were small too and the turnout was great! Fifty-six kids ended up showing up at 10th Street in St. Augustine and I had a great time watching the next generation of rippers!

Congrats to all the winners and thank you to all the sponsors; Matix, DVS, Electric, Surf Station, Body Glove, Bullys, G-Shock and Headhunter for giving great prizes!

Here are the final results:

Boys 13-15; 1st Dylan Martini, 2nd Jon Heater, 3rd Cannon Embry, 4th Griffin Coughlin, 5th Casey Priest, 6th Ryan Bromberg.

Menehune 10-12; 1st Patrick Conklin, 2nd Tatum Renfrew, 3rd Si Greamstead, 4th Eric Westbrook, 5th Elena Sporrans, 6th Chase Stevens.

Mini-Groms 9-&-Under: 1st Shawn Arthur, 2nd Samantha Embryo, 3rd Brandon Bryant, 4th Blake Steven, 5th Chase Westbrook, 6th Angel Rodriguez.

A really fun weekend and a bigger turnout than expected, the 9-&-Under division was one to watch, with over 30 groms showing up and the competition was fierce!

Thanks to everyone who helped: Burgess with the ESA, Richie and all the judges for doing a great job! I cant wait for the 2nd annual!

– Gabe


Hanging with little buddy Mason. ©


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These days it’s great to see airlines taking exceptional care with a man’s luggage. © Drake

So I just got back from a super-quick stint to the Gold Coast of Oz, couple fun waves but pretty small the whole time I was there. Was there for five days, and my boards only showed up on the 4th day. Got to love SAA, done five trips this year so far, only one of them my boards have actually arrived with me, not sure what the hell is happening but this is pretty pathetic.

But enough about that, home now for a week then off to Europe and the States for just under three months. Schedule looks like this; France for a week, States for a month, back to France for two weeks, Spain two weeks and then Portugal for two weeks.

So these next few days at home are going to be golden …




After J-Bay I had to mission up to Johannesburg for the day to get my French (Schengen) visa. It’s actually pretty damn crazy how heavy it’s getting for South Africans now to travel: We literally need visas for almost every stop on tour, and the costs involved are pretty high too. Joys of being a Saffa, But the country we live in outweighs any visa issues!!! ©

August 13, 2009


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There was a lot of sand on the rocks so it was barrelling more then normally it does there. I felt like I was surfing a point-break back on the Gold Coast. © Joli

Hey everybody,

It’s interesting times in pro surfing right now so I thought I would clock in.

J-Bay turned it on at the last contest. It was absolutely pumping. The key swell only lasted three days but it was epic. I felt right at home in my round two heat against Greg Emslie who is always so dangerous at J-Bay. Greg and I both got some good barrels and it was a close heat. But luckily for me I was able to pip him at the end.

My next heat on the final day was in totally different conditions. The swell dropped off and the wind was up early. I was against Damo Hobgood who is always a formidable competitor. He got the better of me but it was a super close heat. I needed a 6.9 on my last wave but came up just short with a 6.5.

Damo went on to finish second to Parko and he is having a great year. Parko was definitely the form surfer of the event. His style suits J-Bay perfectly and he was pretty much untouchable from the opening heat.

To be honest, I’m surprised he hasn’t won J-Bay more times with the way he surfs out there. He’s unbelievable. After J-Bay, I was keen to refresh the head. So I spent two weeks at home before heading to Bali where I’m currently having a break ahead of the European contests.

It was so good to be at home after being away for a month. I caught up with Elko a few times and got stuck back into my training. I also got some new boards off my shaper, Wayne McKewen, which I’m fine-tuning here in Bali. Bali has got to be the best place in the world to come for a holiday — it’s got everything!

Outside of J-Bay and the world title race, the big talk has been about the possibility of a new tour next year. Many of us aren’t yet aware of the final detail but I have a feeling that whatever develops will ultimately be good for surfing.

Frankly, there is a need for some things to change. I only really know what has come out in the media and I’m sure a lot of that is just speculation. Nothing official has emerged from the ASP yet. I’m guessing that is because both parties are still trying to work things out. I hope that happens because that is the ideal scenario. If the organisers of the new tour can work in with ASP, I believe we will get the best outcome for pro surfing.

One last note … it has been reported recently that my sponsor Mada had dropped me. That’s not right. Unfortunately, Mada has been gobbled up by the worldwide economic recession. It was a real bummer seeing that happen to a good company but I met some good people and made some life-long friends via my association with them. Maybe if we get a new tour I’ll have the opportunity to surf for a new major sponsor.

– Bede

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