July 24, 2009


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With the Billabong Pro finishing early in the waiting period everyone had a few days to burn in J Bay. After a few days of no waves we ran out of ways to entertain ourselves. So, things got a little weird. © For a longer version of this clip check my personal site

Freddy P’s Whinge — In case you were wondering, here’s a look at our journey back to America. Get up at 4am and head to the Port Elizabeth airport for a 6:10am flight. This was the first of four flights that would get us to our final destination, LAX. Going back to Cali baby.

The domestic flight from PE to Johannesburg was 1 hour and 40 minutes. Not too bad, right? Well, it gets worse. Three hours later we boarded a flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil. That’s 10 hours and 30 minutes. Get to Brazil, have a layover for 6 hours, and board another 10 hour and 15 minute flight to Dallas.

By this time T-Knox, Reyes, Bobby, Roy and the rest of the crew are completely delirious, but pleased to know that the worst is over. Well it wasn’t over, a lightning storm hit and baggage handlers were forced to stop working. We sat in customs for an hour, missing our connecting flights to LA. What a nightmare.

We finally get to Cali and I’ve been hibernating for the past 3 days, with an occasional stop at Huntington’s local watering holes. A flight schedule like that seriously screws you up. The tour may sound dreamy, but believe me it has its down sides. Total estimated travel time was 39 hours and 25 minutes.

– Freddy


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