May 6, 2009


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Fortunately Ben Dunn had a spare board. © Joli

So I made it to Tahiti safely, was a marathon of a trip though, got to love layovers, but arrived safe and sound. But once again, no boards. Apparently they never even left Johannesburg when I flew out. I reckon it means nothing if your bags have platinum frequent flyer cards on them or even those priority stickers they put on with your boarding tags.

It just gets a bit irritating when you go to an event earlier to put in some time there and you don’t have your boards to surf … awesome!!!!!! Thanks SAA!!! Thankfully, Ben Dunn has hooked me up with one of his 6’4″s so at least I can get in the water. The other thing is my boards are only getting here Friday, and I arrived in Tahiti last Sunday!!!


Papa Teva. © billyo/pbase

Anyways, we here now at Papa Teva’s spot, you rent yourself a bed in their house and they feed you three meals a day, kinda like a boarding house on the water. A great family, but they battle to speak the best English so it can be pretty damn funny at times trying to ask them questions or explain things to them.

The Trials for the Billabong Pro started today, surf is in like the 6ft range, so I’ve been told, have not made it out to Chopes this morning as we’ve been trying to get the boat started that we use for our runs to the line up. The wind is up already so I’d say be a pretty difficult time out at the famous Teahupoo right now.

They say there could be waves for the start of the waiting period but we’ll just have to wait and see, they’re predicting 6-8′ but the wind could be an issue.

If anything interesting happens, will blog it, so until my next post …

By the way, just to let you all know, the address to my personal site has changed to

– Davey


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  1. Fantastic information:D hope to come back soon..

    Comment by VepOpevedef — May 20, 2009 @ 10:38 pm

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