April 3, 2009


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Searching for roos … © All pics:

When one returns home after a trip to Australia the first two questions are always the same.
The first thing you’ll be asked is: – “How was this trip?”
The answer is very clear, it can be either good or bad.

The second question is always: – “Have you seen many kangaroos?”
This is the million dollar question, these things seem to be the envy of the world, and you know this now before you even leave home. So we made sure that before we made our return trip that we had a Yes!


The drive to Sydney …

It was the first trip to Australia for Arantxa, and since the day I arrived I had heard repeated about 56 times the same question: “When will I see a kangaroo?”

I replied that “In the worst case we could always go to a zoo, but that “Australia is very wild and we would be close to seeing some in passing if we wait.”


Sign number 186 and still hadn’t seen one …

After Snapper we toured the East Coast to Sydney where we saw about 235 posters of Kangaroos attention! The days passed and still we had not seen any until just a few miles off Sydney. It was sunset and I was behind the wheel when I noticed something far away, I noticed Arantxa was also trying to find out what it was.

I advanced a little and exclaimed: “Noo, nooo, nooooooo …!!
– And then when we were very close – Oh god! – She cried.

Poor kangaroo was on the side of the road … May he rest in peace.


New camera. So henceforth expect to see more photos.

Five kilometres later we saw another vision – Kangaroo! … And he also hit. Arantxa landed at home today (and didn’t get the chance to see more kangaroos), so when she is asked that second question she will respond with a “yes” but without a smile on her face.

Greetings from Tasmania,

– Aritz


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  1. Aritz,what´s up,mate(lagun)u know every one in your own country,Euskadi Tropikala,believes in you and your surf.I try to find wich the miss is, don´t really know wich one:the trainer,the boards,strategy,´cause we know you gotta do your best and your surf still growing and in the top.I just try to understand and try to help for chose a solution.What else,kaña ´ta indarra, Pottoko,euskal indarra y a los cojones,k yo sigo esperando algun resultado positivo,por todos.K tal para teahupoo,he oido k te va bien.Ya me gustaria saber como ves el billabong tahiti y kienes crees k van a dar x kulo.Yo creo k sí Shane Dorian y Manubra Drolet,igual buourez y el flores,y luego la tropa.He estado;pero estaba gordo de cojones y no tuvé kojones.A mí es una ola k no me gusta;no es k no tenga base,no existe!!Dale un abrazo al joroto del gallo y dile k soy el loko k solia estar con Edu zips,el k pasaba más tiempo”en el moro” k en Donosti,y no para coger olas(hace casí 20 años,cuando tenia el taller en la subida a Meagas,k había k verlo….Aupa,txapeldun,segi ´ta indarra

    Comment by jimmy jazz — April 21, 2009 @ 5:23 pm

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