February 11, 2009


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Tony Blair ruled and Obama prayed. ©

Was in Washington DC at the National Prayer Breakfast, with an estimated 3400 others from 182 countries. It’s a sea of political peeps. There’s a house, some cabinets, senators, prime ministers and a president.

Tony Blair went silly, definitely one of the best speakers I’ve ever witnessed. Obama did his thing and nailed it but Tony stole the show.


Oh, and I got my camera taken away. ©

The head dude from Kenya was at my table for brekky; met the head dude from Sri Lanka; senator from Florida … well, I know you mad huis don’t care and I don’t care about their titles either. Sorry for the pictures as like I said they really weren’t having cameras in the ballroom.


Tourista in America’s capital. ©

Going for tourist stuff. Had to get out of this suit, had been in it for way tooooo long.


BLAH, Blah Blah! ©

Blah blah blah! Went to my high school and told them “If you love what you do, it will take care of you.”


Damo: “C, your style looks pretty rank on that thing.” ©

And just for the record … Tow-ats on a wake skate DOES NOT WORK.




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