January 13, 2009


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Cars almost got washed away and the motorbikes pulled some sick floaters.

Welcome to the New Year!!! Shit, 2009 already!!! Well, I’m still in Bali and there have been some fun waves around the last two weeks but in the last couple of days it’s been raining, and when I say raining, I mean raining!!! Bali pretty much flooded yesterday. It’s the rainy season up here so people are used to it this time of year.


Betet ties the knot.

One of my good friends up here, Betet, got married the other day. It’s pretty funny how the local guy getting married almost has as much make-up as the women. I had a great time and he put on a great show with a band and lots of beer and wine. Great night.


Miky in Bali.

Quiksilver have had a couple of new store openings lately and we had a life-size banner made up so you could get a picture with your favourite Quiksilver team rider. Here’s me and the French legend his self, Miky Picon.


Teeing off at Nusa Dua.

I’ve been playing a bit of golf lately, and the other day Quiksilver took on the local Coca Cola team in a golf game. Really fun, with a couple of crazy rules.


The lads looking mighty refreshed after a couple of gallons of sour mash whiskey.

Both teams had to drink a bottle of JD before the half way mark, heavy if you’re not a big JD drinker like me. Nevertheless, the Quiksilver team came out on top and won the very interesting trophy.


The trophy is now in safe hands.

Until next blog,

Take it easy,

Jake the Snake


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