October 16, 2008


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Looks good but doubt the shot was !!!

Hello Frothers,

Back from good times in Europe but all I have to froth is the milk for my coffee as it’s pretty bad waves here at the moment!

The tour has been pretty damn fun with lots of really good waves. Trestles pumped and Hollywood was offshore, the beachies in France were punchy and the golf course pure, and we finally got to surf Mundaka doing its thing!

Contest-wise it was a little slow for me, but u get that in our game. I was able to get something happening in Spain which was cool as I was on the bubble to re- qualify.

Surfing Mundaka again was epic, that place is really cool and with the crowd looking down onto the waves it creates a real cool stadium feel.

Our mate Belly with the world title.

A big congrats to king Kelly for his ninth title, it was pretty special watching that freak do his thing this year: and also to Ace Buchan, the legend, for winning his first ‘CT. I’ve had enough of this keyboard already (such a slow typer), so I’ll just add some shots of us having fun out of the water!

Best time ever riding mopeds around France. We looked so tough, all in black, until Bede crashed, totalled his bike and skinned himself!!!

Hope you’re all well in web world,

See ya in the surf,



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