June 16, 2008


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Hello web world,

How are we all? Been a while since I wrote, been a little lazy and having a little too much fun!

What’s been happening with me? Well, contest wise, it’s been a bit of a mixed bag. Tahiti went well (besides giving Manoa a 10), I had a ball, living the dream at Teahupoo, getting tubed, keeping fit playing footy in the yard, and enjoying a cold Hinano as the sun set.


Taking it all in at Teahupoo. © Joli

Two wildcards in the final was a bit strange. They went well and used their "nothing to lose" advantage well in the inconsistent surf (ha ha, I sound sour).

Fiji was a different ball game – looking at the maps we were all so excited to get there. I got sick about four days before we left and didn’t get healthy ’til I got home. That place is so, so fun, and watching the boys surf, eat and have fun all day was the worst as I slept all day, but I guess u got to cop it on the chin. I manned-up and tried to surf my heat but the old chicken legs had no power and lost with a tiny total.

Oh well, take it as a throwaway and move on. Plenty of contests to go and should be fun watching everyone chasing that freak with the lady’s name!!! He has been on fire, looking totally relaxed yet focused and not holding back, really impressive.

Enough about contests, we have been home for a while and it’s been so cool. Not the best weather but lots of waves. Getting into the rhythm is epic; doing some training, and the best stuff – watching the Roosters and playing golf.

Well, looks like more waves for us here in Syd after this rank storm moves off us. Might have a sneaky run down the coast with a few of the boys, think Bede is even flying down for a day or two. Will let u know how our trip went!


The boy from Straddie is such a legend and making the tour look easy this year! © Joli

Well, that’s what this kid has been up to. Hope you’re all getting fun waves.

See ya round,



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