June 30, 2008


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First day at Giraffes Bay.

First day at Giraffes Bay.

Yeah lads,

Just a quick hit to let the world know what the 2 biggest giraffes on tour have been up 2.

We are in J-Bay a little earlier than every other punter this year. It’s our rookie year so we decided to hit it early and try and get in a few head flicks before everyone gets here.

Waves have been small but fun, and – my god – the water is so bloody cold. I was cooking Rossy for bringing booties, telling him he was tripping that he would not need them, and as soon as my big toe hit that water I knew I was the one with egg on my face.

The understated look goes down well 'round these parts.

The understated look goes down well ’round these parts.

We went for a mission down the coast for a wave yesterday and were told it was only 30 minutes away, a short drive down a little dirt road … one hour later, and one missing hub, we found this little wave that looked so fun.

The only thing was it was pretty much pitch black and I am pretty sure our big mates under water were frothing at the bit for a couple of giraffe’s to hit it for a late one. So we decided to give it a miss.

Which leaves us with today, the boys were up at 5:30am this morning, pumped for a little session at J-Bay before the weekend crowd hit it. We were the first ones out and snuck a few little grinders in under everyone’s noses.

New warm clobber we got when we hit the local markets yesterday. Yew.

New warm clobber we got when we hit the local markets yesterday. Yew.

After the surf decided to hit our new local for a couple of hot cups of java and some eggs on toast. Pretty much summed up a perfect morning for the boys.

So, there you go world, that’s what the 2 biggest rigs on tour have been up 2 for the last couple of days.

Kindest regards,

– "John Chin" AKA Bottle
– "Mr Ed" AKA Rossy


June 24, 2008


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The new store in the awesome town of San Sebastian.

The new store in the awesome town of San Sebastian.
© Urbieta 4 /

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the opening of the new Quiksilver store in San Sebastian.

Haven't had much use for these since return home from the Pacific.

Haven’t had much use for these since return home from the Pacific. ©

So, back at home and … no waves. But it seems that in J-bay a couple of good swells are hitting before the ‘QS in Durban. Thus, I will sure be flying to South Africa earlier than expected to train for the next WCT.

East Cape, South Africa.

Next stop: East Cape, South Africa. © Joli

Ondo izan, until the next time!


June 22, 2008


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Won this moped in the Jim Beam Surf Tag …


It hammers, eeewwwwww.

Hi all,

Well, it’s been a decade since my last blog … sorry!!! So much has happened –
it’s halfway thru another year, the tour is in full swing, we have had some fun surf this year – I’m loving it.


Dion, up on chocks in Bali.

Around the comps I’ve been having a hell time too … Went to Bali and caught up with a good friend of mine from the South Coast, Kimo Fafie. Dion blew his foot out this day. It was really pumping tho … poor Dion.


Down home for the Cooge Classic.

I just got back from down home. We have a memorial contest every June long weekend. It’s for my dad’s mate Bruce Meaker who passed away back in 1985. It’s called the Cooge Classic. This was the first time I had been back in nine years due to other contests on at the same time. I was so stoked and grew a banging beard for the occasion.


Anyhow, enjoy and I’ll be back soon.


June 18, 2008


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For the last three or so weeks I have been in Europe.


I started in France (Hossegor) at the ISA world Junior Championships, run by Quiksilver. It was a long week with some great waves and some unbelievable surfing. I can tell you pro surfing is in great hands with some of the talent coming through from all different countries.

Some of the standouts in my eyes were, in the Under 18’s; Shaun Joubert from South Africa; the winner, Alejo Muniz from Brazil, who peaked right at the right time; and Owen Wright who blow away every other heat in the event and just fell short in the final.

Now to the Under 16 boys, and Holy Moly these kids were ripping!!! The winner was Tamaroa McComb from Tahiti who powered his way through to what was a pretty easy win in the end but little Peterson Crisanto from Brazil really showed he will be one to look out for in the future, another mention would go to Maxime Huscentot surfing for France.

I can also say that women’s pro surfing is going to be good hands as well with some of these girls already surfing good enough to mix it with the top pros. All in all it was a great event that Quiksilver puts on for all these kids, I think there were 27 countries and about 250 kids surfing in the event. Great job ISA and Quiksilver.


After France I was off to Italy (Rome) for a wedding and some sight seeing. As you’ll see from the pictures, some amazing churches and crazy architecture.



Some of the places I visited included; Cinque Terre, Positano …




… Rome …


… Pisa, Lucca, Orvieto, Florence …


… and Venice.


My favourites would have to be the Colosseum and Venice.



Venice is crazy how a city can live with no cars or bikes but boats!! Amazing!!!


All I can say is that I had a great time with the wife and I ate and drunk more pasta and red wine than I knew possible, and that the Ozzie dollar doesn’t go very far against the Euro!!!! Hahahahaha. Only because I’m a tight ass!!! Hahaha

Back to Bali now where I hear the swell is pumping!!!


June 16, 2008


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Hello web world,

How are we all? Been a while since I wrote, been a little lazy and having a little too much fun!

What’s been happening with me? Well, contest wise, it’s been a bit of a mixed bag. Tahiti went well (besides giving Manoa a 10), I had a ball, living the dream at Teahupoo, getting tubed, keeping fit playing footy in the yard, and enjoying a cold Hinano as the sun set.


Taking it all in at Teahupoo. © Joli

Two wildcards in the final was a bit strange. They went well and used their "nothing to lose" advantage well in the inconsistent surf (ha ha, I sound sour).

Fiji was a different ball game – looking at the maps we were all so excited to get there. I got sick about four days before we left and didn’t get healthy ’til I got home. That place is so, so fun, and watching the boys surf, eat and have fun all day was the worst as I slept all day, but I guess u got to cop it on the chin. I manned-up and tried to surf my heat but the old chicken legs had no power and lost with a tiny total.

Oh well, take it as a throwaway and move on. Plenty of contests to go and should be fun watching everyone chasing that freak with the lady’s name!!! He has been on fire, looking totally relaxed yet focused and not holding back, really impressive.

Enough about contests, we have been home for a while and it’s been so cool. Not the best weather but lots of waves. Getting into the rhythm is epic; doing some training, and the best stuff – watching the Roosters and playing golf.

Well, looks like more waves for us here in Syd after this rank storm moves off us. Might have a sneaky run down the coast with a few of the boys, think Bede is even flying down for a day or two. Will let u know how our trip went!


The boy from Straddie is such a legend and making the tour look easy this year! © Joli

Well, that’s what this kid has been up to. Hope you’re all getting fun waves.

See ya round,


June 9, 2008


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Just got back from Fiji and the waves were good when we first got
there but went downhill pretty quick.


The last day at Cloudbreak. © Gallegos

Amped to go do some surfing. There’s some south swell coming to Central America so I’m going to tryand get on some trips and do a lot of surfing – really feel like I haven’t surfed that much lately and want to get all surfed out.




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G’day everyone!!!

Am in the Maldives havin’ a bloody great time. We’ve had some really rippable waves all week, have been staying at Lohifushi resort and gettin’ spoilt!!! Ha!


The boat crew guys looking stylish. © Shield


Cans. © Shield

The place is now starting to fill up as all the pro dudes rock up for the contest!

All good, talk soon.



Here in Maldives early with Adam Melling (above) and Shaun Cansdell for ASL mag in Australia, check it out soon. © Shield

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