May 30, 2008


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Ace's Blog

Our temporary island home. © Waltze

Our temporary island home. © Waltze

Well, it’s our third lay day in a row here on Namotu Island and life is slowly grinding to a halt, or Fijian time.

We hit the ground running last Saturday, straight into an epic swell and three straight days of great waves to kick off the event.

Kelly went bananas at perfect 4-6' restaurants and put everyone on notice that he's here for business!

Kelly went bananas at perfect 4-6′ restaurants and put everyone on notice that he’s here for business!
© Servais

A slow year for waves last year, but 2008 has a little buzz about it after scoring in Tahiti and now Tavarua. Things are looking promising for the finals too with a long-range groundswell meant to kick here late Sunday. I can’t wait!

So the days until then will be filled with more stand up paddle boarding; sailing (oh my god, I can’t believe I’ve never tried this sport it’s so fun!); fishing (Joel has just wandered into camp with a 40 pd yellowfin!); staying away from the big Kava bowl; a little training to stay sharp; and just generally loafing around the pool and talking story.

Namotu sunrise

Namotu sunrise

It’s time to go and claim a spot by the pool for the midday session … thanks for your time and don’t forget to check out all the action online!


PS: Forgot to mention Occy’s stellar two hour solo sessions on the Karaoke … wow!


May 26, 2008


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Aritz In Fiji


Life in Fiji! No surfing for me until tomorrow so here’s an update of what has been happening with me since my injury way back on the Gold Coast. You can also see footage on my website, as well as blogs posted in Spanish.

This is rainbow day


This is at Rainbow Bay, right after I injured my leg. I spent most of the time recovering in France. The ligament healed very well and mobility of the knee and ankle advanced pretty quickly. I was based in the famous CERS sports rehab centre in Capbreton, located right on the beach. In fact I was watching the waves at all times which made me a little anxious, but I really enjoyed mind surfing them. If someday you have a problem like this, I strongly recommend this centre.

This is rainbow day


I had started surfing a couple of weeks before Tahiti and was progressing well until I got another little sprain in my left ankle. It was nothing too serious but it meant I couldn’t surf until I got to Teahupoo. I had to wait until checking the situation once I got there to see whether I was able to compete or not.

Aritz Teahupoo


I was already walking around by the time the Teahupoo event started. And the ankle actually held together well in the fat pipes that arrived with the swell. The also managed to fit in a photo sessions with the Quik team of Dane Reynolds, Ry Craike, Jeremy Flores, Clay Marzo, Alain Riou, and Micky Picon.

Teahupoo road sign


I wanted more in Teahupoo, as in the heats I didn’t get too many waves. We hung around until just before Fiji, just relaxing and catching a great late swell.

Ondo Segi!



May 23, 2008


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Steds Blog
Steds Surfing

Stiff offshores during Rnd3 heat with Bottle. © Joli

Tahiti was shaping up to be a mirror image of last year, which was really not that cool. If you remember last year, the event had to go over the waiting period as it physically could not be run as the surf was so tiny.

This year, fortunately, we saw that late in the waiting period there was a three-day window, it was the only possible time to run the event. Big Louie Egan made the call and pretty much called the event off for five days straight. I have never seen anyone ever do that before.

It was awesome. We had a full five days to do whatever in Tahiti. So we pretty much became football wannabes. It is about 35 degrees in the shade around midday but we were out there doing drills. I thought I was in the Swans and Otto pretty much sent in his resume after the week.

When the drills stopped, the swell came, and it was perfect timing. I was over it and wanted to get the show on the road. Five-foot crisp barrels were floating around by the afternoon of the first day and it stayed like this for a good couple of days.

Contest Director Luke Egan ... nailed it.

Contest Director Luke Egan … nailed it. © Joli

The comp was over in three days and it normally takes four to run a contest. The judges worked like maniacs and squeezed the whole event out while the swell was on. Awesome job, boys.

I’m off to Fiji today and the swell looks like it’s going to be pumping. Check the report here –

Can’t wait.


May 13, 2008


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Snake's Blog


Julian Wilson about to put one over the boundary.

The year is flying by, so I better give you a little update on what has been going on in my life.

I surfed in the Margaret River WQS event and only made through it the trials and lost in the first round of the main event which I was very disappointed about but I guess I will have to wait until next year to have another crack.

Every year while the Margaret River event is on, we play a game of cricket. I put together a team made up of surfers on tour and my local shaper Chris “Chapstar” Chapman puts together the local indoor cricket team.

Local boys

Local boys “Squeezers” pose for a group shot with the “Blow Ins”

For the first four years we played indoor cricket but for the last two years we have played a 20/20 outdoor game. It’s the best fun, check out the shots above and this little video clip below.

Another “Blow Ins” victory becomes official.

After the Margaret River event I was off to South Africa to the Quiksilver Pro, Durban. I was there to commentate for the live web cast along with Martin Potter. Great event with some great waves and with the local boy Davey Weare winning the event there were some drinks had at the end of the week.

Now I’m back in Bali and for the last few weeks it’s been pretty much
pumping since I have been back. I have been surfing all over the place but mostly my local spot Canggu.

The new Yamaha.

The new Yamaha.

What I’m pretty happy about at the moment is my new scooter I got last
Friday. Only for the back roads around Canggu because I don’t want to end up
road kill!!!

This is my new one (9'0 x 28 x 4). I can't wait to get on it.

This is my new one (9’0 x 28 x 4). I can’t wait to get on it.

Well, I also have a new brand of paddle-boards that I’m making up here in Bali. So if anyone out there in web land wants to order one up, just send me a message to this blog with your email address and I will email you back.

Stay turned for more news coming soon.


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