April 1, 2008

Return To Oz

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Gold Coast secret spot.

Gold Coast secret spot. © Joli

Just got back to the States after almost two months in Oz. Had a great time and got some pretty fun waves. The Goldy was good but think the place is too crowded now. Think it could well be the most crowded place in the world!

At the Superbank

At the Superbank, space in the water was at such a premium, my brother and Kelly were forced to hit the same lips at the same time. © Joli

After the comp I went to Sydney and had a great old time with the family and caught all sorts of waves … thought it was pretty funny that I was going to the largest city in Australia to escape the Goldy crowds.

It was mostly warm at Bells

It was mostly warm at Bells, there were only a couple of chilly and blustery days (like this shot) the whole time we were there. ©Dusty Springfield

After a week there we went down to Melbourne for the next comp and didn’t totally know what to expect since we were there really early in the year and heard there hadn’t been waves for a while down there. To our surprise, just as we arrived, the weather started changing and the waves were pretty fun the whole time we were down there. Wasn’t too cold either.

Had a great time in Oz, always love spending time down there, it’s a great country and I feel blessed to go there every year.




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