March 25, 2008


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 Jake Paterson Photo

OK, a lot has happened in the last few weeks!

Jim Beam SurfTag team
I’ll go back to last week while I was in Sydney for the Jim Beam SurfTag team event. Well, one of our good friends Pete Crump had a heart transplant maybe only about a month ago, anyway Crump had a big dinner to thank everyone for the support and so on, and as you can tell from the picture above, everyone was having a pretty banging time.

Mick and Karrisa’s wedding

Mick and Karrisa’s wedding

Mick and Karrisa’s wedding
After Sydney it was back up to the Gold Coast for Mick and Karrisa’s wedding. I won’t go into too much, but I had the best time. Some might say “All Time”. Here are the pics (above).

Surfing in Bali

I’m back in Bali now and the waves have been super fun, even though I have been hung over for two days from Lee Wilson’s buck’s night … Crazy place for a buck’s night I can tell you!!! Anyway this picture was from Keramas two days ago.

Beach House

I live in Canggu in Bali and there is this restaurant called Echo Beach and I eat there more then I should but it’s just a really fun place to go; the beer is always cold and the food is great and it’s right on the surf. Have a read of one of the black boards. It’s all about having a good time there.

s you know, Easter has just happened and I can tell you that when Bells started the other day it was the first time in over a year I really missed the tour! I mean I have been having a great time retired and all but when I watch the first round at 6 to 8 foot onshore Bells I really missed it!! (shot was taken first thing in the morning before it started to wall up). I used to love those conditions to compete in and normally did OK too, so what can I say, I wish I was there!!!

Easter Bunnie
On the other hand I got to spend it with the family at a place called Ku De Ta, it was unreal for the kids and the Easter Bunnies were pretty good as well!! Haha.

Until next time,

Take it easy!!!



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