November 15, 2007


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Ahhhhh, home at last!

It feels great to be back in Hawaii with my family and friends. It’s been a long year of travelling and being away from home and missing the wife and kids. That is one of the hardest aspects of being on the WCT.

It’s that time of year again. I love competing in the Triple Crown. It may not always be 20ft and perfect which is what everyone expects when they come to the North Shore but even when its only 3ft it has way more power than anywhere else in the world.

Read the sign, then check the website,

Read the sign, then check the website, © Shield

It feels great to ride some bigger boards and to get a few sections where you
can push with everything you have, instead of having to nurse your turn through a soft section. The crowds are pretty overwhelming at the moment but even if you get one good one your session is made.

Speaking of crowds. Do any of you know that the Oak Tree Development Corp., who ownS the Turtle Bay Resort, are planning on building five new hotels and 1000 condominiums at one of the most beautiful and pristine bays in the world called Kawela Bay.

Imagine how bad the traffic is going to be on our little two-lane road with all the construction trucks and cement trucks and all the traffic associated with something like that?

Is that being responsible? The City or State of Hawaii is allowing the use of an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) from 1985. Please get on board and support the cause to fight corruption and greed!

Keep the North Shore Country! Go to

And for background details about the situation click our article here –




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