November 13, 2007


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CJ Hobgood

Stunk it up pretty hard in Brazil — 17th — pretty rank. I was sitting at 12 and wanted to try and get into top 10 when I left Brazil but I ended up dropping two spots. Not good, we’ll see how Hawaii goes.

I know everyone wants to here about the ladies and the nightlife down there in Brazil but you honestly can’t describe it, there are not words.

Got home on Wed. super-stoked as I know I get to hang with Genevieve until I leave on Sunday morning. I had a great time this week as Thursday I went out with my friends and got to catch up with them which is always good because I don’t get to see them enough.

With Corey, “Gaybo King” and Bobby on the Muscle Beach Dream Tour, Brazil.

With Corey, “Gaybo King” and Bobby on the Muscle Beach Dream Tour, Brazil.

Friday and Saturday was the Sean Slater Invitational: to raise money for cancer.

Waves were pretty small but me and Genevieve had a great time playing on the beach. It was pretty cool ’cause Kelly, Corey and me all ended up in the 3-man final.

Main reason why it was so cool is it meant most of the money went to charity as we agreed at the beginning to give all our $ to charity. Which ended up being 5,500 between us, plus some dude donated 20,000 dollars on the beach.

So who cares about the waves right? Wrong. Kelly hates to lose. Even though the waves were 1 foot, I comboed those suckers. Prob shouldn’t say that as next time I get Kelly in a heat he will prob go crazy on me. Whatever, it was all fun and we had a great time talking crap in the final.

There was a get together at Kelly’s house that night and then we all went out in Cocoa Beach afterwards. Good times. I’m in Cali at Damo’s house organizing boards, then off to The Rock later on this afternoon.





  1. Ceej, You got the best shit out!

    Comment by walker — November 14, 2007 @ 3:16 am

  2. I love that you guys are listening to WHAM!, who knew you were such a george michael fan.

    Comment by tt — November 15, 2007 @ 5:08 am

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