October 10, 2007


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A couple of good results and then bang, a kick in the nuts 33rd. We are hanging out in Bakio, a small beachside town close to Mundaka. After making up so much ground and looking good to get back in the 27 … last, ouch … Oh well back on the WQS and over to the Canary Islands.

Drink the bar dry.

Step 1: Drink the bar dry.

Drink the bar dry.

Step 2: If bar stocks are depleted, drink the winery dry.

In the mean time I have been enjoying the local culture, eating and drinking with my Basque family Margaret and Txetxu. They home most of the Australians and today they showed us around one of the local wineries. We walked through the fields picking grapes from the vines and ended up drinking from the different vats … Pretty cool.


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  1. glad to see you’re keeping your chin up, at least to drink wine…best wishes for the canaries although you know you’re going to end up loosing to the East Coast boys! haha…back at home fishing…got some wahoo and manned up and shot sum barracudas for chum…scary little beasties…great seeing you in france…see ya soon

    Comment by scuba steve — October 12, 2007 @ 12:51 am

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