September 23, 2007


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Well, it has only taken me six events this year to get out of the gates. Finally, a breakthrough at Trestles. I managed to come up with a 5th.

I changed my tune going into this event with a no holes bared attitude. Planning to just go for it. Problem was there was only small waves on offer and it’s hard to get radical in 1ft lefts. I drew Pancho in the 1/4’s. In the first minute I went for a big forehand air spin just losing my fins and wiped out – thinking I’d have plenty of chances to go for stuff like that. Not to be, the ocean went flat with Pancho moving through to the semis.

Fishing out the fishing dvd

Fishing out the fishing dvd. —

I’m now in France at the Quiksilver Pro, barrels and big turns on offer. I’m still planning to go for it. It’s more fun and you don’t get left with the question, ‘What If?’ Let’s hope it works.

In the downtime I pulled my computer apart trying to free a fishing DVD that has been doing my head in for the last few months. I got it jammed in there and every time I opened it, she would scream in pain. With the help of Google I operated; 3 hours, 30-something tiny screws later, a mishap with a vacuum cleaner, and she was free again.

Well, well wicked, Check ya.



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  1. Heiii Troy,

    you proved first a to maintain the pressed mouse when him DAS to the ignition button after which it sounds the GONG????????

    Comment by Martin — September 27, 2007 @ 3:41 pm

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