September 4, 2007

Pancho powers-up

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Pancho powers-up

Fingers crossed Trestles will be dishing up some of this gold. &credit; Sarge.

Hope wherever you are the surf is bigger than it is here. Summer time on the North Shore is like a lake.

I have really enjoyed the break from all the traveling. I’ve been hanging out here on Oahu and enjoying time with my family and friends. Just being normal again. Taking out the trash, changing my son’s diapers and taking my daughter to pre-school. Spending time with my wife and just slowing the pace a bit. It is a thrill to compete when the surf is good but life has much deeper rewards than any heat win. Seeing your child crawl across the floor to grab a toy is pretty awesome and it has been a great opportunity to enjoy and remember that!

I’ve managed to go surfing at least once a day and have been training and staying fit. I have been really focusing
on bettering my equipment and have been trying a variety of foils and rockers as well as tail designs. Mostly
been surfing wind swell grovel as I try to avoid the crowds on the south shore. Looking forward to seeing some
real waves again. The events have been pretty crappy so far. Hopefully Trestles will see some good south swell.

Best wishes to you all!



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  1. Hi Pancho,
    unfortunately the waves you’re dreaming of are not in Trestles at the moment. Good luck for the comp. In France, the ocean has been quite flat since too much days. Hopefully we expect many lows for your arrival…but will they bring more than 3′ ? don’t know yet.
    So, good luck again!


    Comment by Emilie — September 11, 2007 @ 11:38 pm

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