September 4, 2007

Ou est CJ

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The signs are all looking good for the CT in a few weeks.

The signs are all looking good for the CT in a few weeks. © Sarge.

I got back from France, for two weeks anyway. At least there were waves the whole time but only saw the sun one day. That means the weather is going to be sick for the CT’s in September. I did pretty average in Lacanau ran into Dayyan Neve who I thought was surfing the best I’d ever seen him surf and was one of the best surfers in the event. He just ran into the other best surfer of the event in the semis (Jordy Smith). And I’m not just saying that cause he beat me. Then the first half of the Rip Curl Super Series event was more like a triathlon than a surf contest. With the wind, rain, current and the waves it was pretty hard to get psyched up. But when you had a look at the points they were giving away in this event and it felt like you were stealing, like it wasn’t fair. But that’s the way the system is everyone’s trying to get there head around it even the numbers dude Al Hunt. No one knows where the cut off is going to be. I guess we’ll find out at Sunset. I got third at Hossegor but my minds always been looking at Trestles. Back at home I’m a single daddy this week as the wife has been gone. Going to Cali on the 2nd to start early trying out boards and get into the groove.



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