September 30, 2007

Grand Final Weekend

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Team Australia 2007. Belly’s Place.

Team Australia 2007. Belly’s Place.

What an amazing time of year in an amazing place.

I bloody love France and this time of year is special, not only is the weather all-time, the surf pumps and the fairways are lush and green… BUT, September
is Grand-Final weekend!

I’ve been to Homebush to watch the mighty Roosters play in the NRL Grand Final and I’m sure the MCG is crazy for the AFL Grand Final but if u cannot get to the game then the place u want to be at is our mate Belly’s house in France!!!

U wouldn’t know u were on the other side of the globe when Belly puts on an Aussie Grand Final barbie, turns the TV up loud and the roars begin.

Did I mention the AFL game is on at 5am? but that doesn’t stop the boys cracking an Aussie beer for breakfast!!! Well, this blog is only short but u get that when the NRL grandy is kicking off in ten!

Well done Mr Eugene Fanning, and come-on the Wallabies now that the world cup of rugby is getting serious!!

Now, get offline and get back to work punks!!!!
see yas whits


September 27, 2007


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Hope you are getting good surf wherever you are!

The past few weeks has been pretty full on. My family and I went to California for the Trestles WCT event and had a great time. I was blessed to have my family with me and we made the most of our trip by hitting up Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo.

I competed in the WCT event and had a good result but never felt like I surfed to my potential. Surf was pretty small and inconsistent the whole time.

not surprisingly, a different ballgame to Trestles.

Hossegor: not surprisingly, a different ballgame to Trestles.

I am now here on the beautiful South West coast of France in Hossegor. The surf has been really fun since I arrived. There has been two really good days with perfect conditions. The sandbars are very fickle here and the tides really extreme, which means you end up checking the surf about 15 times a day.

France is a great place to visit this time of year. The weather is mild and the water is not too cold yet. It’s not as crowded as the mid-summer vacation madness.

The coffee is strong and the swells are really start to crank up going into
Autumn. If you get a chance to travel I would definitely recommend coming here at least once in your life.

Mahalo for your interest.

Mercie Bocu!


September 23, 2007

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Okay, so as you know I re-injured myself. My knee cap had supposedly healed up and when a bone heals up it usually won’t come apart again especially in the same place … Well mine did.

With a chomping swell hitting Hossegor, you want all your bones working.

With a chomping swell hitting Hossegor, you want all your bones working.

Had been surfing for about a week and went out, did this turn and felt something weird in my knee like the same thing had just happened. So I went and got an x-ray again and, sure enough, the bone had just barely pulled off again.

So was basically at square one again, which means have to let the bone heal and then get back into it slowly. I was pushing it a bit to be ready for Lower Trestles since I already had two bad results and obviously just pushed it a bit to hard.

Hopefully the bone heals up fast but you don’t really know, could take a while.




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Brooko’s Blog

Well, it has only taken me six events this year to get out of the gates. Finally, a breakthrough at Trestles. I managed to come up with a 5th.

I changed my tune going into this event with a no holes bared attitude. Planning to just go for it. Problem was there was only small waves on offer and it’s hard to get radical in 1ft lefts. I drew Pancho in the 1/4’s. In the first minute I went for a big forehand air spin just losing my fins and wiped out – thinking I’d have plenty of chances to go for stuff like that. Not to be, the ocean went flat with Pancho moving through to the semis.

Fishing out the fishing dvd

Fishing out the fishing dvd. —

I’m now in France at the Quiksilver Pro, barrels and big turns on offer. I’m still planning to go for it. It’s more fun and you don’t get left with the question, ‘What If?’ Let’s hope it works.

In the downtime I pulled my computer apart trying to free a fishing DVD that has been doing my head in for the last few months. I got it jammed in there and every time I opened it, she would scream in pain. With the help of Google I operated; 3 hours, 30-something tiny screws later, a mishap with a vacuum cleaner, and she was free again.

Well, well wicked, Check ya.


September 18, 2007


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 Willsys Blog


A six-hour layover in this giant open-air toilet? No worries when the next short flight will be taking you directly to the world’s best beachbreaks.

Well here we are in London, a six hour airport layover. All good though because on the way to France for some sick beachies. Had a fun time in the US didn’t do any good in the comp but hope to do better this time. Me and Cambo had some funny times there, we’ll try and get some footage for you all to check out.

Stay tuned.

September 8, 2007

Byron firing

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Willsys Blog

Had to sit this one out … ahhhhhhhh.

Had to sit this one out … ahhhhhhhh. © Willsy

Here’s what I missed the other day with a blown ear drum devo’d ! ! ! !
All good now though, I got back in the water yesterday and I’m feeling great. Heading off to Trestles tomorrow morning frothing!


Travelling Dayyan night

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Dayyans Blog

I’m Sitting in Qantas club at Sydney airport right now after spending a precious night with my friends and family at home in Manly after being on the road for about two months since J-Bay in July. Since then I’ve been to Huntington Beach in L.A, Japan, Fistral Beach in England, Lacanau and Hossegor in France, A 4 day surf trip in Spain and also a week in Portugal…
Its been an amazing two months full of highs and lows with competing and life in General.




South Africa is an amazing place, the wild life, the waves and the people, I had a great time there other than a bad result in the J-bay event, I found a perfect wave much like the cove at Burliegh But! with no one out!! 4 foot perfection.. On the same day i spent the arvo at Pumba Game park.. It turned out to be one of the best days I can remember…
I the set off for an assault on the WQS.I had a mate from home (Matt Toghil AKA Toggy) come along for the experience. He was great to travel with, Keen to check out the sights, go surfing, and real motivated to train. We had a lot of fun and as a result I ended up with three quarter final results 5th’s and a semi final result 3rd which has put me in a great position on the ASP WQS ratings.

I’m now heading off to Trestles the 6th stop on the Fosters ASP World tour and am hoping for a big result.
Catch ya later



September 4, 2007

Pancho powers-up

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Pancho powers-up

Fingers crossed Trestles will be dishing up some of this gold. &credit; Sarge.

Hope wherever you are the surf is bigger than it is here. Summer time on the North Shore is like a lake.

I have really enjoyed the break from all the traveling. I’ve been hanging out here on Oahu and enjoying time with my family and friends. Just being normal again. Taking out the trash, changing my son’s diapers and taking my daughter to pre-school. Spending time with my wife and just slowing the pace a bit. It is a thrill to compete when the surf is good but life has much deeper rewards than any heat win. Seeing your child crawl across the floor to grab a toy is pretty awesome and it has been a great opportunity to enjoy and remember that!

I’ve managed to go surfing at least once a day and have been training and staying fit. I have been really focusing
on bettering my equipment and have been trying a variety of foils and rockers as well as tail designs. Mostly
been surfing wind swell grovel as I try to avoid the crowds on the south shore. Looking forward to seeing some
real waves again. The events have been pretty crappy so far. Hopefully Trestles will see some good south swell.

Best wishes to you all!


Ou est CJ

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The signs are all looking good for the CT in a few weeks.

The signs are all looking good for the CT in a few weeks. © Sarge.

I got back from France, for two weeks anyway. At least there were waves the whole time but only saw the sun one day. That means the weather is going to be sick for the CT’s in September. I did pretty average in Lacanau ran into Dayyan Neve who I thought was surfing the best I’d ever seen him surf and was one of the best surfers in the event. He just ran into the other best surfer of the event in the semis (Jordy Smith). And I’m not just saying that cause he beat me. Then the first half of the Rip Curl Super Series event was more like a triathlon than a surf contest. With the wind, rain, current and the waves it was pretty hard to get psyched up. But when you had a look at the points they were giving away in this event and it felt like you were stealing, like it wasn’t fair. But that’s the way the system is everyone’s trying to get there head around it even the numbers dude Al Hunt. No one knows where the cut off is going to be. I guess we’ll find out at Sunset. I got third at Hossegor but my minds always been looking at Trestles. Back at home I’m a single daddy this week as the wife has been gone. Going to Cali on the 2nd to start early trying out boards and get into the groove.


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